How to Repair MySQL Database Tables through Linux Servers?

While handling MySQL databases on Linux OS, it is pretty common to encounter database corruption. Though MySQL DB corruption can happen due to various unexpected causes, like: Sudden system shutdown Server hardware failure Incorrect data schema Virus attack, etc. Irrespective of the reason, if you have a valid backup of your DB, then you can … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Resolving Common 3D Printing Problems and Solutions

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3+ Fixes When Outlook Notifications Are Not Working

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6 Common macOS Errors and How To Fix Them

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4 Ad Block Fixes For Skype [Solved]

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5 Fixes For The Critical Structure Corruption Error

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Error: Could Not Find Or Load Main Class

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3 Fixes For The IDP.alexa.51 Malware Alert: False Positive?

Table Of Contents There’s a lot of conflicting information about IDP.Alexa.51. Several anti-virus programs detect it as malware- often associated with online games like “Plants Vs. Zombies”, “SeaMonkey”, and various others. What Is It? According to this spyware research site, it is either “malware or [a] false positive caused by AVG, Avira, and Avast”. This … Read more

3 Ways To Remove VBS:Malware-Gen [Solved]

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