5 Fixes For The Critical Structure Corruption Error

Table Of ContentsWhat is Critical Structure Corruption?Why Does It Happen?What Are The Symptoms?5 Fixes For The Critical Structure Corruption Error1st FIX (Uninstall Programs)2nd Fix (Update Video Card)3rd Fix (Uninstalling Display Driver)4th Fix (Reddit Support)5th Fix (Reddit Support #2) Conclusion The Critical Structure Corruption issue is something that a number of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users … Read more

7 Fixes For: “Netflix Error 1012” On iPhone & iPad

Table Of ContentsQuick Video TutorialRoot Cause: Why Exactly Are We Facing This Problem?7 Solutions For Netflix Error 10121: Be on Wi-Fi2: Try a New Wi-Fi – Or, Get Closer to Yours2.5: Try Resetting the Router3: Try a Different DeviceSolution Method x: Let’s Just Restart Our iPhone or iPad, Shall We?Solution Method 2: Help! Maybe We … Read more

Error: Could Not Find Or Load Main Class

Table Of ContentsWhat Is Compiling?Compiling ErrorsSo, First Thing’s First: What’s A Classpath?Does This Ring Any Bells? What to Do When Class Is In a PackageWorking With Eclipse?Make A CleanupAre PATH and CLASSPATH The Same Thing?How Do I Override Classpath in Java?Conclusion Java is generally used for sophisticated coding that ranges from mobile applications to web applications … Read more

3 Fixes For The IDP.alexa.51 Malware Alert: False Positive?

Table Of ContentsWhat Is It?What Does IDP.Alexa.51 Do?Removing IDP.Alexa.51First Fix (Safe Mode Boot)Second Fix (Use Windows Task Manager)Third Fix (Registry Edit)How To Detect Malware There’s a lot of conflicting information about IDP.Alexa.51. Several anti-virus programs detect it as malware- often associated with online games like “Plants Vs. Zombies”, “SeaMonkey”, and various others. What Is It? … Read more

3 Ways To Remove VBS:Malware-Gen [Solved]

Table Of ContentsWhat is it?3 Fixes for VBS:Malware-GenFirst Fix (Safe Mode Scan)Second Fix (Clean The Registry)Third Fix (Delete Suspicious Tasks)Video Tutorial #1Video Tutorial #2 (General Malware Removal)Step #1Step #2Step #3 What is it? VBS:Malware-Gen is a computer-based worm or infection that tends to spread across local as well as shared network devices. This worm or … Read more

How To Find Your Windows 8 or 8.1 Product Key [SOLVED]

Table Of ContentsWhere Is Windows 8 or 8.1 Product Key Located?How To Locate Your Windows 8 or 8.1 Product KeyUse A Key ExtractorHow To Use The Belarc Advisor ExtractorWhat If The Belarc Advisor Key Extractor Doesn’t Work?Getting It If You Never Bought ItBuy A Copy From Amazon Or NeweggSubscribe to Visual StudioGetting It If You … Read more

5 Fixes For The IDP.Generic Virus Warning

Table Of ContentsWhat Is It?How To Fix & Clear The “IDP.Generic” Alert?First Fix (Update AVG/Avast)Second Fix (Change AntiVirus)Third Fix (False Positive?)Fourth Fix (Try VirusTotal)Fifth Fix (Update Java)How Malware And Viruses Work What Is It? Computer users get the IDP.generic infection & virus warning when using AVG or Avast anti-viruses. It could indicate a malware attack as … Read more

6 Fixes For Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed

Table Of ContentsWhat is “error 503 backend fetch failed”?Why might “error 503 backend fetch failed” occur?How to fix “error 503 backend fetch failed”?Fix #1Fix #2Fix #3Fix #4For those on the backendFix #1 – Check your pluginsFix #2 – Router restart What is “error 503 backend fetch failed”? “error 503 backend fetch failed” is a reference to … Read more

What is hkcmd.exe? | Plus 4 Fixes For hkcmd Errors

Table Of ContentsWhat is hkcmd?Common symptoms of an hkcmd.exe infectionHow to fix hkcmd.exe errors1st Fix (Startup Disable)2nd Fix (Reinstall Graphic Drivers)Video Guide: How to Download & Install Intel HD Graphic Driver for Laptop & PC3rd Fix (Malware Scan)4th Fix (System File Checker)Video Guide: How to run system file check sfc scannowForum FeedbackNeuberMicrosoft SupportBleeping ComputerRedditConclusion If you’re perplexed … Read more