Canon Error Code B200 Fixes

5 Fixes For The Canon Error Code B200 [SOLVED]

If you’re getting Canon Error Code B200, we’ve compiled a list of fixes for this common printer error.

While Canon recommends some generic fixes like powering the printer on and off, we found some more robust fixes that involve working with the printer heads.

Canon Error Code B200

We’ve seen this error occur on mg6320, mp560, mx870, mx922, mp620, mg522, and more Canon models.

Check out the fixes below and see if they work- the videos provide step-by-step guides for clearing the issue.

Be forewarned, however, that dissecting your printer can void the warranty- so the best first step might be to contact Canon support.

5 Fixes For The Canon Error Code B200

Solution #1 (YouTube Fix)

The Stripes and Circles YouTube creator posted a popular fix for this Canon error code that warned them to “unplug the power cord and contact the service center“.

The fix begins by turning off the printer, unplugging it and then moving the printer head towards the middle and turn it back on.

Once it’s turned on again, before the printer head is going to go back to the right and before it goes to the very, very left, she says to close, wait for it to restart now, and check if the error code has been cleared.

Watch the full video for the above fix and some others she tried to clear this bug from her Canon printer.

Solution #2 (YouTube Fix #2)

According to this video creator, Computerhilfen, the way to solve the Canon B200 printer error is to replace empty ink cartridges and clean the printhead.

He does warn, however, that this could void the warranty and to contact Canon support before attempting a fix.

Solution #3 (YouTube Fix #3)

The Refresh Cartridges YouTube channel posted a Canon b200 error message fix. He says that, in his experience, generally this error is related to a printhead issue within your inkjet printer.

While he does say that some Canon support threads indicate that it can occur because of an obstruction or something within your printer preventing the cradle from moving, in his experience, this hasn’t been the case.

The common remedy is to turn the printer off for a couple minutes, remove obstructions, turn the printer on again- and it should be cleared. But if this doesn’t work for you, one of the first fixes he recommends is inspecting the electrical error within the print head.

He does say that the fix will vary by the number of cartridges you’re using. With a 5 Plus cartridge printer, it’s trickier because the printhead will be situated inside the printer. If this is the case, he does recommend contacting Canon support.

Check out the video for the step-by-step guide on fixing this error.

YouTube Commentator Fix

One Canon printer owner, in the comments section, explained that he has the 5 ink cartridge version, and he posted a fix that worked for him:

  1. Switch Off Power
  2. Open up the print head bay (as if you’re going to change inks)
  3. Switch On power
  4. Wait for the print carriage to begin transferring to the left and let it go past halfway
  5. Just before the print carriage gets to the left hand side (but after going halfway across) close the cover
  6. Leave the Printer switched on
  7. Check if fixed

Solution #4 (Appuals Fix)

According to the popular tech fix site Appuals, the fixes will vary depending on whether you have a 2 or 4 cartridge Canon printer. The fixes involve working with the print heads and the cartridges. Check out the step-by-step b200 error code fix over at Appuals.

Solution #5 (Canon Support)

A Canon support thread has a detailed fix. It involves removing the print head, ensuring the print head is correctly aligned with the front frame.

The Canon user said that he taped over its gold contacts with some Scotch tape in order to seal them off from ink & water contamination.

Check out the full fix in the Canon support thread linked above.


As always, if the above fixes don’t work for you, our recommendation is to contact manufacturer’s support.

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Though, avoid doing anything too invasive that might void the warranty- if you’re still holding out hope that the printer has remaining warranty coverage.

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