9 Fixes For The Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped Error

If you’re experiencing the following error message: “unfortunately google play store has stopped“, it’s definitely an annoying but fixable problem. Over at Stack Exchange, they say this error occurs when smartphone apps are updated or Google Play Store is updated, but there is a corrupted version or incompatible version. We’ve collected several fixes below from … Read more

Fix Unknown Install Error 961 For Google Play

Debuting a little over eight years ago, the Google Play Store gave Android users an equivalent of the App store. Before it was developed, Apple nearly had a monopoly on the smartphone market; no company was even close. After Google Play was released, it made Androids much more popular, giving the iPhone competition. Since then, it has … Read more

Fix Google Play Services Error Message

Has this ever occurred to you? You finally find the application you’ve been seeking for a long time and attempt to download it, just to get an error code message consisting of some irregular number code from Google Play Store. Quite Annoying, right? This issue happens more often when you are attempting to modify a … Read more

Fix! Internet Explorer “Cannot Display Web Page”

Though there are quite a few different browsers available for Windows users, a vast number still prefer to use the baked-in default — Internet Explorer. However, along with that comes the occasional “Cannot Display Web Page” error, which we’re going to show you how to debug and fix, below! If this particular problem has ever … Read more