5+ Fixes For Atkexcomsvc Issues & Errors

In this post, we’ll examine Atkexcomsvc.exe and provide 5+ fixes for various issues it might be causing you.

Atkexcomsvc.exe is a software component from Asus Motherboard Utility that runs automatically when the system boots. It is placed within a subfolder of “C:\Program Files (x86)”—particularly C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AXSP\1.02.00\. Although it is harmless, it has the effect of making the booting process slower.

There are also cases that a malware disguises itself as atkexcomsvc.exe, such as those that are located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder. Fortunately, if you meet such issues, there are a few quick fixes below that you can follow to get rid of the problem. But before that, let us first learn what atkexcomsvc is.

What is Atkexcomsvc?

Atkexcomsvc is an express communication service. It has the function to record the keyboard and mouse inputs. The file size will change in accordance with the location; its file size in a sub folder of user’s profile is 920,736 bytes while at Windows Xp/7/8 default location, it is 918,144 to 920,736 bytes.

Atkexcomsvc.exe, however, may give errors while installing a certain program or when turning on the computer. It is important to note that such errors can occur only with ASUS or ACER computers. If you are still getting the error whilst having a system from other brands, chances are that this is a malware disguising itself to avoid detection. Hence, it is advised that you delete the file immediately if it is located in any folder apart from C:\Program Files or its default location.

How to fix Atkexcomsvc?

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5+ Fixes For Atkexcomsvc Issues & Errors

If your computer has a malware disguised as atkexcomsvc.exe, it can be distressing as it can affect your system’s performance. Here are some of the trouble-free procedures that you can use:

1st Fix

Junk files can accumulate in your computer over time from normal usage or web surfing.  This junk can cause a Third-Party Application to respond slowly or generate an atkexcomsvc.exe error if it is not cleaned out occasionally. You can clean up temporary files through Disk Cleanup which may not only solve your atkexcomsvc.exe error but may also drastically improve the performance of your PC. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Start button.
  2. From there, search “command” in the search box, but do not hit Enter yet. 
  3. Hold CTRL-Shift on your keyboard, and then press Enter.
  4. You will be redirected to a permission dialog box.
  5. Click “Yes”.
  6. From there, a black box will open with a blinking cursor.
  7. Search for “cleanmgr”, and then hit enter.
  8. The system will begin calculating the size of disk space that you can recover.
  9. A Disk Cleanup dialog box with a series of checkboxes will appear. Look for the “Temporary files” category.
  10. Choose the categories that you want to clean and click Ok.

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2nd Fix 

If the error persists because of the faulty files installed in your computer system, a method suggested  by WinOSBite is to uninstall  them through the following steps:

  1. Hold Windows key + R.
  2. Look for the Control Panel located in the Run Window. Then, press Enter.
  3. Search for “atkexComSvc associate software” from the list.
  4. To remove the file, simply hit the Right Click and click Uninstall.
  5. Reboot your PC and inspect if the error is still present.

Note that these instructions are only applicable for Windows 7/XP. 

3rd Fix 

You can also utilize Windows System Restore to undo recent system changes. System restore can help you fix your atkexcomsvc.exe problems through restoring your PC’s system files and program back to when things were still working fine. Follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the Start button and click it.
  2. Look for the search box, search for System Restore” and press Enter.
  3. Click System Restore from the list.
  4. From there, the system will request for an administrator password. Enter the passcode.
  5. You will be redirected to a Wizard. Follow the steps to choose a restore point. Then, restore your computer.
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Video Guide: How To Perform A System Restore

4th Fix

Another fix recommended by file.net involves different approaches: scanning, uninstalling unnecessary programs, and repairing the operating system. Here’s how:

1. Scanning

  1. Hold Windows key + Q or look for the Start button.
  2. Search for “command” and hold Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run it as Administrator.
  3. Look for the command sfc /scannow and click Enter.

2. Uninstalling Unnecessary Programs

  1. Hold Windows key + X to open the Start menu or simply click the Start button, and then look for the Control Panel.
  2. Find the first menu item “Programs and Features” and click it, or Uninstall a Program under the Programs category.
  3. Search for “unnecessary programs” within the list of installed programs.
  4. Look for the software you want to uninstall.
  5. Click the Uninstall button at the top of the program list. Follow the set of instructions provided by the system to uninstall the program.

3. Repairing the Operating System

  1. Hold Windows key + Q or look for the Start button.
  2. Search for “command” and hold Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run it as Administrator.
  3. Search the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and hit Enter.

5th Fix

The 5th fix involves updating your system. In some cases, your problems on atkexcomsvc.exe errors may be solved by simply updating Windows with the latest service pack that is released on an ongoing basis. The steps are as follows:

  1. Look for the Start button.
  2. Search for “update” and hit Enter.
  3. You will be redirected to the Windows Update dialog box.
  4. Click the Install Updates Button.

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Forum Feedback

To understand more about atkexcomsvc, we search through different ASUS support forums and message boards. Computer owners wanted to know more about atkexcomsvc high CPU usage, atkexcomsvc virus, atkexcomsvc remove, and atkexcomsvc uninstall.

A user comments that he noticed atkexcomsvc for the first time a couple of days ago when he observed that his computer was behaving strangely. He did a lot of research online and discovered that atkexcomsvc was part of Asus Motherboard Utility and that a lot of Asus users had issues with it. Unfortunately, there was no provided fix for his problem.

Another forum member explains that Asus Motherboard Utility has the important role of keeping the drivers and the BIOS up-to-date and that it needs atkexcomsvc to run.

  • He adds that it comes pre-installed on all Asus computers and that Motherboard Utility starts when you boot your device by default.
  • However, you can change that if you run into problems with atkexcomsvc.
  • You could also try to get in touch with Asus support and ask them to help you remove it.

A poster states that atkexcomsvc is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AXSP\1.02.00\ and that it has a size of around 900,000.

  • However, the person warns that some viruses impersonate atkexcomsvc and that you should be worried if the atkexcomsvc file is located in System32.
  • The computer owner also notes that atkexcomsvc doesn’t have a visible window and that you can only see if it’s running when you open the Task Manager.
  • He adds that any pop-up windows claiming to be atkexcomsvc are probably malicious.

Another computer owner remarks that atkexcomsvc has a serious problem with memory leakage. He says that when the process started, it was taking 7 MB of RAM.

  • However, by the end of the week, the memory usage had risen to almost 2 GB of RAM.
  • After some research on the Net, he discovered that the problem has existed for a lot of years and he was very surprised that Asus hadn’t offered a solution to fix the memory leakage.
  • The only thing other users recommended was disabling atkexcomsvc.exe or uninstalling it by going to Window’s Control Panel.

A computer owner said that he also experienced memory leakage and high CPU usage related to atkexcomsvc. He recommends that you check your Asus folder if you’re using an ASUS laptop so that you can catch the memory leakage. The user states that he solved the problem by restarting the service every couple of hours, which was not a permanent fix.

A person explains that atkexcomsvc is related to the thermal sensors, which analyses the temperature of the components you have installed on your Asus computer.

  • He adds that when you don’t run this service, you might notice a yellow triangle in the Device Manager.
  • The computer user also notes that you need atkexcomsvc to run AI Suite II and that it might get installed along with Asus GPU Tweak II.
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Another forum member complained that he bought a new ASUS gaming laptop and that it was working fine except that atkexcomsvc was using around 25% of the computer resources. He was wondering if there was anything he could do to fix the problem. Other people said that he could disable atkexcomsvc by going to AI Suite III à Mobo Connect àDevice option à Disable.

A poster suggests that you uninstall atkexcomsvc by removing AI Suite III if it’s interfering with your computer’s performance. However, he points out that atkexcomsvc is related to other Asus software and that you might not be able to use it. He also mentioned that you might get errors when you start the computer if you remove this service.  

Another individual also comments that atkexcomsvc often uses 10-25%of the computer’s CPU. Nevertheless, it usually doesn’t affect the performance of the computer a lot. However, he recommends that you scan your computer if you suspect that atkexcomsvc is infected with a virus.

A commentator also shares that he got very worried when he discovered atkexcomsvc on his computer. He googled it, and he found a lot of opinions that it was a virus or a Trojan horse. However, other Asus users assured him that it was a genuine Windows process and that it comes with all Asus computers.

A user complains that atkexcomsvc is interfering with his COM ports and that it was preventing TI MSP430 from communicating with the computer. He said that it got installed on his computer after he downloaded drivers from the ASUS website.


Having to deal with an error or a malware concerning atkexcomsvc.exe can become very inconvenient and upsetting. Following these easy methods can get you out of your predicament. However, if the atkexcomsvc.exe error still persists, your EXE problem is possibly hardware related. It is suggested that you replace the associated hardware causing the error if it proves to be the case. For a safe fix, consult a PC hardware expert for computer repair services.

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