5 Fixes For The Critical Structure Corruption Error

The Critical Structure Corruption issue is something that a number of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users experience. Frequently when they are using emulation systems and other software. What happens is that your computer will crash and then give a blue screen of death. In the blue screen, there will be a countdown before you … Read more

Error: Could Not Find Or Load Main Class

Java is generally used for sophisticated coding that ranges from mobile applications to web applications and web services. There really is a never-ending use of Java in this era of technological advancements. Java offers certain benefits that have most developers referring to Java for their coding needs. A major benefit of using Java is that … Read more

3 Ways To Remove VBS:Malware-Gen [Solved]

What is it? VBS:Malware-Gen is a computer-based worm or infection that tends to spread across local as well as shared network devices. This worm or infection is typically masked as a Visual Basic Script file that will be functioning on the basis of the configuration of the given code. A recent study & continuous observation … Read more

5 Fixes For The IDP.Generic Virus Warning

What Is It? Computer users get the IDP.generic infection & virus warning when using AVG or Avast anti-viruses. It could indicate a malware attack as the AVG or Avast software comes up with the message: “One of your programs is behaving strangely, which could be a sign of Malware. Path: C:\Windows\System\cmd.exe; Infection: IDP.Generic.” Some of the … Read more

6 Fixes For Error 503 Backend Fetch Failed

What is “error 503 backend fetch failed”? “error 503 backend fetch failed” is a reference to the status of a website. Basically put, it conveys the message that the server of the website isn’t functioning. It is a typical Hyper Text Transfer Protocol response message shown by websites. Such codes make it easy for a … Read more

What is hkcmd.exe? | Plus 4 Fixes For hkcmd Errors

If you’re perplexed by the hkcmd.exe (Intel Hotkey command activator) process, buckle up because we’re going to deep-dive into this ‘mysterious’ Windows process. According to our research, it is a genuine Windows process which you can normally find in your Task Manager. When genuine, and not a masquerading virus, it can be found in the … Read more

What Is hiberfil.sys And Can You Delete It? [SOLVED]

If you’ve noticed a bloated file called hiberfil.sys hogging resources on your computer, you’re probably wondering what it is and whether you can delete it. Below we cover what it is, whether you should delete it, and how to remove it. What Is The hiberfil.sys File? According to the Forensics Wiki, hiberfil.sys is used by … Read more

What Is MRT.exe And Can You Delete It?

What is mrt.exe? MRT stands for Microsoft Removal Tool. Though Microsoft refers to it as the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. According to File.net, it’s a Microsoft Windows software component. The mrt.exe file is actually a main executable employed to run the Microsoft Removal Tool. While not a core Windows process, File.net says that you … Read more