The Windows10Upgrade Folder: To Delete Or Not To Delete [Solved]

windows10upgrade folder removal

If you’re puzzled by a Windows10Upgrade folder- you’re not alone. If you’ve recently upgraded your Windows operating system, you might have noticed a folder called Windows10Upgrade. Rest assured, it be safely removed, according to a variety of tech sites. How To Remove It Major Geeks recommends this simple method: uninstall the Windows 10 Update Assistant … Read more

4 Ways To Disable A Laptop Keyboard

how to disable a laptop keyboard

If you’ve spilled your Mountain Dew on your new Lenovo laptop keyboard, you’re probably looking for a fix. One thing you can do, if your computer isn’t actually fried, you can disable the laptop keyboard and consider using an external USB-powered keyboard to work with your laptop. We’ve collected several possible ways to do that … Read more

4 Ad Block Fixes For Skype [Solved]

how to remove skype ads

In the old days, before Microsoft purchased Skype, it was easy to disable ads in this popular telecommunications software. However, users have been complaining of invasive, spammy ads appearing in conversations. We scoured the internet to assemble a list of fixes so you can remove annoying promotions interrupting your Skype experience. The quickest fix, if … Read more

9 Fixes For The Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped Error

android google play not connecting error

If you’re experiencing the following error message: “unfortunately google play store has stopped“, it’s definitely an annoying but fixable problem. Over at Stack Exchange, they say this error occurs when smartphone apps are updated or Google Play Store is updated, but there is a corrupted version or incompatible version. We’ve collected several fixes below from … Read more