5 Fixes For The IDP.Generic Virus Warning

idp.generic fixes

What Is It? Computer users get the IDP.generic infection & virus warning when using AVG or Avast anti-viruses. It could indicate a malware attack as the AVG or Avast software comes up with the message: “One of your programs is behaving strangely, which could be a sign of Malware. Path: C:\Windows\System\cmd.exe; Infection: IDP.Generic.” Some of the … Read more

What Is MRT.exe And Can You Delete It?

what is mrt.exe

What is mrt.exe? MRT stands for Microsoft Removal Tool. Though Microsoft refers to it as the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. According to File.net, it’s a Microsoft Windows software component. The mrt.exe file is actually a main executable employed to run the Microsoft Removal Tool. While not a core Windows process, File.net says that you … Read more

5 Fixes If msvcr120.dll Is Missing [SOLVED]

microsoft windows start screen

What Is It? According to DriverEasy, this Windows essential file is employed to extract essential application resources needed at runtime by a third-party installation software. Technically, MSVCR120.dll is the corresponding C++ library, so if it is missing, you’ll be unable to launch software programs, games or anything that relies on the C++ programming languages. According … Read more

14 Fixes For The TeamViewer Protocol Negotiation Failed Error [SOLVED]

teamviewer protocol negotiation failed

If you’re getting the “Protocol negotiation failed” error on TeamViewer, we’ve assembled some fixes below. (You can always contact their support here). According to the TeamViewer (TV) support community, this error occurs when connecting to a remote control, or another server or host using TeamViewer. If there’s some sort of connection problem, you’ll get an … Read more