HTTP IIS7 Error 503: The Service Is Unavailable

After acquiring a new machine or making a configuration change, it is possible that your Internet Information Services (or IIS) goes completely missing and you receive the error, “503 service is unavailable”. Sometimes, you might also encounter the “server not available” error. It’s frustrating and can definitely be confusing to encounter! But don’t worry, I’m … Read more

Fix Runtime Error 429: Too Many Requests

You can actually find the international standards definition for the 429 Too Many Requests error here. The purpose of this error message is to indicate to the user (whether real or scripted) that they’ve exceeded a rate limit for requests to the server – meaning, in simple English, that they’ve tried to access the server too … Read more

Ultimate HTTP Error Code List

Welcome to the Ultimate HTTP Error Code List! This guide will endeavor to list each and every standardized HTTP error code you might come across when browsing the internet (or serving content on your webserver to the masses). While only the 400-Series and 500-Series are actually technically errors, it’s a good idea to review each … Read more