4 Fixes For “Error Retrieving Information From Server rh-01” | Solutions

Errors occurring on your device are one of the worst things that can happen in a technologically-driven world. For a society that depends on quite a lot on connecting to each other through smartphones and laptops and tablets, experiencing an error that prohibits you from that connection can frustrate you and even keep you from … Read more

3+ Fixes For “Unfortunately The Process com.google.process.gapps Has Stopped”

In this post, we provide several fixes For “Unfortunately The Process com.google.process.gapps Has Stopped“. This is an annoying and potentially debilitating error that leads to incredible user aggravation. The ‘gapps’ in the error message refers to Google apps. You will see this error frequently if you have issues with Google Apps on your phone. It happens … Read more

Fix Unknown Install Error 961 For Google Play

Debuting a little over eight years ago, the Google Play Store gave Android users an equivalent of the App store. Before it was developed, Apple nearly had a monopoly on the smartphone market; no company was even close. After Google Play was released, it made Androids much more popular, giving the iPhone competition. Since then, it has … Read more