Destiny PS4 Error Code Marionberry Fix

Thousands of people enjoy playing Bungie’s Destiny every night with their friends. The FPS MMO released two years ago and had since been met with rousing success. Run-and-gun gameplay mixed with RPG mechanics have helped breed an enjoyable game for most fans. However, whether you’re on PS4 or Xbox One, internet connectivity is mandatory to get the full experience.

This goes double for a PS4 centric issue: the PS4 error code Marionberry. If you’ve run across this error before, you’re probably unable to play and have difficulty locating the cause. Fortunately, there are several solutions to apply which either deals with modifying console settings or changing network connections to solve the problem.

What is Marionberry?

As mentioned before, this is an error code on your PS4 console. Your network setup is the likely culprit, as the error code shows up when a setting has changed. There are plenty of reasons why, but most commonly it relates to a setting with Parental controls, wifi, or change in internet connection.

In worse cases, sometimes the error indicates there’s something wrong with your router. Depending on the age of the router, the hardware could be outdated via firmware, in need of a reboot, or in some cases, complete replacement. Otherwise, it’s possible the error will return on a frequent basis.

In rarer cases, the connection itself needs to be resolved through IP adjustment.

As with our other articles, we’ll try various approaches to getting the error code fixed.

Resetting/Restarting Your Router

Since networking is typically the source of the Marionberry error, we’ll start by addressing the router. Simply restarting the router might solve the problem, so let’s make sure it’s that before moving forward.

  1. Log off and turn off your PS4 console.
  2. Turn off/unplug your router and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in the router and wait for all lights to power back on.
  4. When ready, relaunch Destiny on your PS4 console.
  5. Check to see if the issue has been resolved.

You might also need to power off each of your networking services, such as disabling the internet, turning off the router, restarting the console, etc. If this has not solved your problem, it could relate to other networking settings.

Troubleshooting Your Network

The next phase is attempting to see if the Marionberry error is caused by the network itself. Below are steps to make sure your network is stable. Destiny requires a fast internet connection for optimal playtime.

  • Make sure there are no additional background downloads which are hindering your current play speed.
  • If using wireless, do the above steps to reset it. Also, make sure the router is in an open location that isn’t blocked by metal, electronics, concrete, or thick walls.
  • Check to make sure your internet meets the minimum 1mpbs upload/download ratio. If it does not, you may encounter slow playtime and the Marionberry error.
  • If possible, try directly connecting to the modem instead of going through the router. This may resolve connection and speed issues.

Adjust Firewall Settings

While a firewall is meant to protect your network from inbound threats, it can sometimes interfere with network connectivity. To test this, disable your firewall to see if the Marionberry code is resolved. This is temporary, however, as you don’t want to leave yourself open to threats.

On Windows 7/8/10:

  1. Go to Settings/Control Panel.
  2. Click on Network and Internet.
  3. Locate the selection for Windows Firewall and click that.
  4. On the left tab, locate “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.”
  5. Click that, and disable your Windows Firewall.
  6. Restart your PS4 and attempt to connect to Destiny. If you do not see the Marionberry error code, the problem is related to firewall settings on the router.

If you’re still getting the error, the issue is unrelated to the firewall and may be caused by other connection problems. If we’ve discovered that a firewall is an issue, other steps are required.

To help resolve the problem, you can try port forwarding. This will open a channel through your router (assuming you’re using one) and allow a NAT 2 connection, the type required for unhindered play.

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What you can attempt is to manually assign a static IP. This can solve not only the Marionberry problem but other future network connection errors too. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully.

“I’ve always been a big PlayStation fan. Even when the Xbox first came out, the controller was so different that you just automatically assumed that it was harder to play, and I always just stuck with that notion.” – Reggie Bush

Manually Assign Static IP Address to your PS4 to Router

All routers are different, and some may not support this feature. You will need to identify a method to assign a static IP to your router. If you cannot, we must set up a static IP on your PS4. This should also address the firewall error from before.

  1. To assign an IP, boot up your PS4.
  2. In the PS4 main menu, locate and select Settings.
  3. Find and select Network.
  4. Scroll down and find View Connection Status.
  5. Once selected, details about your connection will be visible.
  6. Among information displayed, you should see information for IP settings and a MAC address.
  7. Write down both the IP and MAC address of your PS4. Additionally, write down the IP address for “Default Gateway.” This is the IP of your router.

You must now manually assign the PS4 IP to your router. To do this, you’ll need to log into the router through your PC. You can usually accomplish this by typing in your Router IP address in a search engine and logging in that way.

When you have logged in, we will manually assign the IP. However, do note that all routers are different and display various settings. Some do not allow for adding to the DHCP ranges. We will cover that later.

For now, locate settings on your router related to DHCP.

  1. Under LAN/DHCP (if available) locate any box indicating manual entry.
  2. If you find them, there should be spaces available for entry of IP and MAC addresses.
  3. Enter the IP/MAC address you recorded from the PS4 settings.
  4. Click Save/Add (whatever is available).

This should successfully add the PS4 IP to your router. Now we need to test the actual connection.

  1. Power on your PS4 (if not on already).
  2. In settings, select Network.
  3. Locate and select the option “Test Internet Connection.”
  4. If successful, you should receive a message “Internet Connection Successful.”

If this hasn’t solved the problem, you may need to forward a port on your router. As each router is different with their settings, you will need to locate the appropriate method to do so.

For now, we will assume you have everything you need to forward ports on your router.

Under the settings for port forward:

  1. Locate and enter for TCP: 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480
  2. Locate and enter for UDP: 3478-3479

Make sure you enter them correctly. These should properly create forwarded ports for your PS4.

Once you’ve done so, test your PS4 internet connection again. Follow the steps given before. If it succeeds, your connection should properly be set as a NAT 2 type. From here, boot up Destiny to see if the Marionberry error has been resolved.

Assign Static IP Address to Your PS4

As mentioned before, some routers do not allow for manually assigning the IP/MAC address in the DCHP range. So, we will need to assign the information that is outside the DCHP range.

First, you will need to find out what your DNS, gateway, subnet mask, and IP settings are.

To locate the information:

  1. In your PS4, locate and select Settings.
  2. Select Network.
  3. Scroll to find “View Connection Status” and select it.
  4. As before, you should find a list of information. Copy down the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, primary DNS and secondary DNS settings.

Keep this information and login to your router. Again, you can typically do this by typing your router’s IP address in a web browser.

Once you log into the router, you will need to locate the available DCHP range. The range will vary based on the router, and you will want to choose a number based on that range. This number is the one you will assign to the PS4.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a number between 2 and 254. A modified IP address will appear as 192.168.0.(your number).

You will also need to make sure the IP address is available. To do so, we must ping the address. First, let’s open command prompt.

  1. You can either locate the program or type cmd in the dialog box.
  2. Open cmd. Once done, you will see a black box.
  3. Type ping, then space bar, then the IP address you previously recorded.
  4. This will determine if the number is usable. If it is, a message will display “destination host unreachable,” meaning the IP address is not in use.
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If the IP address is in use, you must change the value again, and follow the steps once more until you find one, not in use.

Now, we must use this custom IP for your PS4.

Entering Custom IP Address

  1. In the main menu, find and select settings.
  2. Search for and select Network.
  3. Locate Set Up Internet Connection.
  4. There are options for WiFi or LAN. Choose based on your connection type.
  5. You will be prompted on how you want to set up the connection. Select Custom.
  6. IP Address Settings will follow. Select Manual.
  7. Select IP Address on the following screen. From here, you will input the custom IP from before. Select Done.

Now, you must enter the information you wrote down from before for the other settings. For Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS enter the information recorded. Select Done for each.

Once complete, select Next.

Here you will finish up the other settings.

  1. For MTU settings, select Automatic.
  2. On the next screen for Proxy Server, select “Do Not Use.”
  3. Finally, you will be prompted to test the internet connection.

From here, your PS4 will now have a static IP address. If you encounter problems, be sure the information was entered correctly.


After resolving the network issue, check to see if the Marionberry error is resolved.

This should properly identify and fix any blocks you are having. If you’re still encountering the error, you may need to contact your ISP for further assistance.

The error is indeed frustrating because it involves a problem with the network. However, by following these steps you can pinpoint the culprit and find a resolution.

Have another problem? We have a variety of helpful articles here!

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