7+ Fixes For Netflix Error 1011 On Apple & Android Devices

When Netflix debuted a couple years ago it was a revolution. You could finally watch your favorite shows without limits from anywhere at any time (…as long as you had an Internet connection). What really amazes me with the service is that if your laptop died while watching a video, you could simply sign in to the mobile app which lets you stream your movies and shows from where you left off.

Lots of people are pissed about it:

Unfortunately, because nothing is perfect in life, there exist several errors that can occur while using the app. Among those errors resides: Netflix Error 1011. If you’ve ever experienced the error or if it’s currently ruinning your Netflix and Chill, don’t worry we have the solution to Fix Netflix Error 1011!

What is 1011?

Netflix Error 1011 is characterized by an issue happening when using the application on a mobile device. In most cases, the error may be caused by a connectivity issue. An error message is typically accompanying the error:

Whether you’re on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone or tablet, the application is susceptible of coming at you. If that’s the cases there are several ways to fix the problem.

Quick Video Fix

Fix the Error on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

If you’ve downloaded the Netflix application from the app store follow these solutions step by step to avoid Error 1011.

Restart the app

It may seem logical but several people seem to forget that when it comes to error codes, restarting is a life saver. In order to restart the app, follow these easy steps:

  1. Double tap your home button.
  2. Swipe up the app to close it.
  3. Relaunch the app.

Nothing magical in this procedure but if the error is still persisting try the next solutions.

Check your Internet connection

As the error may come from a connectivity standpoint, making sure you are connected to your wireless network may help clarify the source of the error. You can test your Internet connection by trying to visit a web page from your mobile browser. What I personally do when it comes to testing my connection is simply attempting to send an iMessage or a message on WhatsApp. If you fail to send a message using one of these messaging app or if you couldn’t access the web page from your browser, the issue comes directly from your Internet connection. Your next steps are to troubleshoot your network and if the network is not the issue, you may need assistance with your device. Visit Apple’s Support for help.

Connect to a different network

It is possible that your network connection may be too weak or is being used by too many devices. If that’s the case you may want to try connecting your device to another network. Connecting to another network doesn’t require much work:

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Connect to another wireless network (go to a neighbor’s house 🙂 )
  4. Relaunch the app

If trying a different wireless network doesn’t do the work we have plenty of other ways to fix the error!

Restart your home network

If none of the previous points helped you in solving the error, you can try to restart your entire network. To do that follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your modem or router, or both
  2. Plug in them back
  3. Wait until they’re up and running
  4. Make sure your iOS device is connected to the network
  5. Relaunch the app

Reset the app

Resetting the Netflix application on your iOS device can refresh outdated information stored on your device which can be a solution. In order to reset the app follow these steps (make sure you’ve closed the application from your background):

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Locate the Netflix app and select it
  3. Slide the Reset toggle to “On”
  4. Relaunch the app
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You might be asked to sign back into your Netflix account if that’s the case sign in and try to stream a video.

Restart your device

Nothing too complicated with that but in case you don’t know how to restart your iOS device, this is your reminder:

  1. Hold your Lock/Unlock button until a red slider appears
  2. Drag the slider to the right
  3. Give it 10 seconds, then hold your Lock/Unlock button until the device turns on
  4. Once the phone is up and running, relaunch the app

Once again nothing too difficult with restarting your phone, sometimes (most of the time) restarting is a solution to everything…(I’ll let you meditate on that one!).

Try with cellular data 

If you can’t connect to your wireless network for any reasons and using an iPhone, try to activate your cellular data and deactivate the Wi-Fi on your device.

Reinstall the app

The app might be outdated and in this case, you may want to remove it from your device before reinstalling it. Follow these steps to reinstall the app:

  1. Locate the app on your Home screen and hold it until the icons are shaking
  2. Touch the X at the top left corner of the app icon then confirm the deletion
  3. Go to your app store and find the Netflix app
  4. Download the app by tapping the cloud icon
  5. Relaunch the app and sign in

Reinstalling the app resets the app automatically which will refresh any outdated information stored on your device.

Finally, if you’re an Android user the next section will get you covered!

Fix The Error on Android Phone and Tablet

Since Android devices are so different from each other I am just going to go over universal methods to fix the error. Most of these methods are similar to the ones that can be used on iOS devices.

Relaunch the app

Whether you’re on HTC, Samsung, LG or other Android phones, relaunching the app may solve the error. Make sure to close it entirely through the background activity menu (generally accessible by tapping or pressing the third button or icon on the bottom right corner). If you can’t close the app regularly, try to ‘Force Stop’.

Check your Internet connection

Make sure that you are connected to the internet by attempting to visit a web page on your browser or by trying to message someone on a messaging app. If your wireless connection is experiencing issues continue reading, and if it doesn’t…continue reading.

Connect to a different network

If your wireless network is being slow or if it is being used by too many devices, try to connect to another network. Generally, on Android, you simply have to go to your settings and find the Wi-Fi and connect to another available wireless network.

Try with cellular data 

If you are not using a tablet you may want to try deactivating your Wi-Fi and using cellular data. Try streaming a movie or TV show on Netflix and if it works the problem is clearly related to your network. I find 4G to be more reliable than my router, but again that’s just me.

Restart your network

Try resetting your home network by turning your modem/router off and on, or unplugging them before plugging them back in. Reconnect your device to your home network before relaunching the app. Try to stream a random movie or show. Once again, restarting is a solution to everything!

Restart your Android device

Try restarting your device:

  1. Hold the Power Button
  2. An option dialog should pop up, tap “Power Off”
  3. Wait a few seconds and hold the Power Button
  4. Relaunch the app

If you’re unable to power off your device for any reasons, Android devices have the option to ‘Force Reboot’. Press and hold the volume button and the power button at the same time to force a reboot.

A fresh start should do the work!

Reinstall the app

Just like on an iOS device, another logical solution can be to remove the Netflix app from your device and re-downloading it from the Google Play Store. Relaunch the app and sign back in. Hopefully, you should be able to stream a video!

Still having the error?

As the error may be caused by several factors, you may have to go through all solutions before giving up. And if you still have the error message popping you should contact Netflix directly, they’re pretty Chill (see what I did there?). You can visit the Help Center HERE.

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It can be frustrating when the new season of your favorite TV show just came out on Netflix and you’re stuck on that error message that prevents you from streaming. I hope this article helped you fix Netflix Error 1011 and that you were able to get back to your show in no time.

My final advice if you couldn’t get the app to work on your mobile device would be to use Netflix on a PC or console. I personally plan on watching the new season of Orange is The New Black on the PlayStation 4 Version of Netflix, but that’s just my opinion.

If you have any questions or comments I would be glad to get back to you. And if you’re an error adventurer like us we have plenty more coming on Error Codes Pro.

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