3+ Fixes For Windows Was Unable To Complete The Format For A DVD

Windows machines allow you to save files on a DVD-RW or CD-RW. While these technologies are outdated for many users, they still serve a valuable purpose for many users.

But wait, you’re having issues with formatting the DVD, you say?

As you can see- a bunch of people on Twitter have experienced this issue:


Well, there are ways to fix that. Clearly, since you wound up on this article, you’re looking for answers. Here are some solutions to this problem, in hopes that you’ll be able to continue using this technology as long as you need to.

Don’t panic!

There are easy answers to this issue that will allay your emotional distress! Working out issues like these will make certain you’re best able to use your DVD-RW without the hassle and headache so many computer issues can cause.

Quick Video Fix

A tech vlogger provided a popular video fix.

They say that the video occurs whenever a USB Drive or Flash Drive is affected by any virus. It is hard to format the drive. In this video, he explains how to format any drive by using a couple easy tricks:

Root Cause: Why isn’t Windows able to complete the DVD format?

There are some common issues that prevent Windows from being able to complete the format of the DVD. Let’s take a look at those and see if that answers your questions:

  1. The DVD is scratched, cracked, or the wrong kind. The easy solution for you!

    • Your physical disk is the problem here, not your computer. Easy to solve!
  2. Your DVD burning software isn’t functioning properly. Oh no!

    • The software your computer uses to write and format a DVD is either outdated or not functioning properly.
  3. The Disk might only be able to be written once.

    • Certain DVDs can only have information written on it once by Windows computers. Another easy fix for you.

Solution #1: Is your DVD scratched or cracked? Is it the wrong type? Use a different DVD for your needs?

1. Take the easy way out: Use a different DVD. Seems to easy, right? One of the main issues with DVDs is that they’re relatively easy to scratch or crack. This happens to almost all DVDs at some point in their lifespan. Remember watching a movie and it starts skipping?

Yep, that’s caused by a scratch. It’s been a common occurrence on both DVDs and the related CDs.

We’re all familiar with it. Your favorite song skips. The best scene in the movie stops and starts. It’s a horrible moment for music lovers and cinephiles alike. It also causes issues when trying to add files or burn information onto a DVD on your computer. Why? It prevents that information from being uploaded.

Instead of being able to burn files, you’re left with an error message. Oh, the horror! What am I to do? Woe is me! Fear not, young padawan.

This is actually the easiest problem to fix. Scratches and cracks might have ruined your current DVD, but there are others. Try using a new one. This simple fix seems too good to be true. However, oftentimes the simple solution is the one that works. Don’t overthink it. Don’t fret. Just use a new DVD.

2. Certain blank DVDs also aren’t compatible for these uses. DVD-Rs can only be used once, for example. Should you have already written information onto this disk, you’re out of luck with re-writing it. So, one question is, how did you mistakenly buy this product? No worries. DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs seem similar.

In fact, since both are blank DVDs, wouldn’t you think they’d have nearly the same level of functionality? A las, they do not. DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs offer different abilities, including the number of times information can be written on them.


This slight difference, while seemingly benign, can cause hours of confusion and frustration. However, a quick trip to the store offers the solution to this problem, and at a low cost. Hooray!

Solution #2: My Windows Burning Software Isn’t Working? What Do I Do?

Many Windows devices come with a standard burning software, making it easy to burn and write information onto a DVD. This handy bit of software isn’t without its issues, however. In fact, the default software serves as one of the main issues causing formatting errors to pop up when looking to write information onto a DVD. What can you do to fix this issue?

Thankfully, there are significantly more reliable than the stock burning software on computers. One of the most trusted DVD burner softwares is Nero. Reviews for Nero are high, and many users mention the use of this software as one of the easiest ways to work around this problem.

Solution #3: Whoops! My disk can only be written on once. What do I do?

As mentioned above, certain types of blank DVDs are only able to have information written on it once. DVD-Rs, as they’re called, look exactly the same as DVD-RWs. Technically, since you can burn information on them once, they serve the same purpose as DVD-RWs do. However, there is one major difference between the two.

While DVD-RWs, much like their older cousin the CD-RW, can be written over multiple times so you’re able to update the information available on it. DVD-Rs, on the other hand, don’t have the same amount of functionality.

They can only be written once. This is a major problem if you’re looking to write over information on a DVD-R, only to find out you can’t. It’s enough to make even the calmest user want to throw their computer across the room.

This kind of mistake happens to the best of us. Don’t get too down on yourself! There is also an incredibly easy fix to this problem. Simply purchasing a DVD-RW should be enough to solve this issue. Voila! If only all issues were so simple, we’d already have world peace and have eradicated hunger issues around the world. Alas, things aren’t as simple in most fields. Just when it comes to computers.

As you’re working out the easy and effective way to solve issues related to DVD burning, read this great but unrelated article about other errors related to hardware problems on Windows devices. The more you know!

Pro Tips Galore:


One easy way to avoid these issues related to DVD formatting on your windows computer is to simply avoid them all together. Frankly, storing information on a DVD is outdated nowadays. There are significantly more efficient ways to store and transfer data from one computer to another now. GET WITH THE TIMES! Kidding.

But really, there are other ways that accomplish the same job as a DVD-RW without all the hassle that comes with them. Switching to a different type of information storage and transfer technology will ease the pain of dealing with this kind of technology while still offering the same abilities. In fact, with greater efficiency, you’ll be able to accomplish more than if you were to continue using DVDs for this process.


Devices like USB drives offer the same service as DVDs, yet are significantly more efficient.

While unable to hold as much in terms of videos, USB drives are great for saving smaller file types, such as documents or small images. They are also conveniently sized, making it easy for you to take them with you no matter where you’re going.

The Cloud

Another option is to send your excess information to the cloud! Seriously. This technology allows you to share information with multiple users. Instead of the data being kept on a physical hard drive or memory source, the information is kept safe by a server run by the service you choose to use. DropBox is an excellent service to use for this type of storage.

Especially if you need to share this information with multiple people, it is a great way to do so affordably and conveniently. Instead of dealing with the frustration that can come from equipment like a blank DVD not working properly, your information and data is stored safely on a server constantly looked after by trained professionals. So consider saying goodbye to DVDs, and say hello to the cloud!

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External Burners

There are other forms of technology that can help you burn DVDs. External burning devices are available that are compatible with DVD-RWs. If it is your computer that isn’t working correctly, this could be one of the easier ways to protect your ability to burn information to DVDs without having to take your entire computer into an expert. That is, if you choose to still use DVDs instead of other forms of information or data storage.

Formatting errors with DVDs can cause serious issues for you.

There’s the hours of frustration looking for a solution to the problem, only to realize it’s a simple solution. Simply using an unscratched or cracked DVD-RW can solve the problem. Or: downloading a new burning software is the answer.

However, determining the right answer is only the first step. While you’ll undoubtedly be making a trip to a store for new equipment if that’s the issue, you should also look at updating your file and data storage technology. Seriously, other formats are easier to use, and come with fewer errors. Trying these new methods offer you more efficiency and effectiveness for a reasonable price. Now isn’t the time to stubbornly stick to your old ways. Embrace change, and move boldly into the future.

Or something like that. On a more serious note, given how many possible errors can occur with Windows computers, why make the choice to continue using an error-prone technology unless you have to?

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