3+ Fixes For the Xbox Error Code 0x8027025a

In this post, we provide several fixes for the annoying 0x8027025a error code. A lot of times you’ll have to wait out the error because it’s actually a fault on the Xbox server side- basically, a glitch that gamers can’t address themselves.

That said there are some steps you can take, especially if it’s not the case that Microsoft is down.

You can see on social media lots of people have experienced this frustrating problem:

This article explains everything you need to know about this Xbox error. Whether you have actually encountered this problem and would like to know how to solve it or if you want to be ready in case you ever experienced it, you have come to the right place.

We will begin by talking about this in more detail. That way you will be better informed about all the ins and outs of this error from what causes it to what it might mean.

3 Fixes

Quick Video Fix

This YouTube tutorial walks you through different steps to potentially get your game loading again. This gamer’s situation ended up originating from a bad hard drive- but he’ll walk you through several possible solutions you can try:

If that doesn’t work for you- try the fix below.

Second Fix

The first thing that you would really try to do follow these very simple steps:

  1. Grab your device.
  2. Hit the Xbox button. This action will take you to the Xbox home.
  3. Then you should choose the menu button on the application tile. This action will cause for other options to display on your screen.
  4. From all the different options choose quit.
  5. Next, you’ll have to wait 10 seconds or more
  6. Finally, start the application again.

These steps should fix the problem. If you followed each of the steps in this exact order you should be able to sign in for launch the app now. There is a chance, however, that you would still get the error message. If that is the case then you should go on to the next solution.

Third Fix

If the first solution does not work for you, you should not worry.

The first solution as you probably realize you tried it out is just about restarting the application. If this does not work (it does very often work but sometimes it does not), then you should attempt to restart your Xbox console.

If you are not sure how to do this, you should simply follow the next few steps:

  1. Grab your Xbox console.
  2. Hit the Xbox button. This action will take it to the Xbox home.
  3. Once on the Xbox home screen, you should scroll to the left. This action should open the Xbox guide.
  4. Once you get to the Xbox guide you should choose settings.
  5. Then from all the settings options, you should select to restart the console.
  6. You will then be asked to confirm whether restart your Xbox. You should, of course, yes.
  7. Waited until your console has fully restored it and check whether you are able to sign in without getting the error message.

There is still a chance that you could experience problems. Sometimes, the Xbox one console freezes when you’re trying to access the guide or even before.

If your Xbox console appears to be completely frozen you will have to carry out what is often known as a hard reset. Scary as this may sound it is the only sure way to unfreeze, as it were, your Xbox One console.

If you do not know how to perform this, it is actually very simple. All you need to do will be to press the Xbox button and hold it down for about 10 seconds (it is not a problem if you hold it down for a slightly longer than 10 seconds but this will not work if you hold it down for less so it’s always better to hold it down for a slightly longer period).

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Holding down the Xbox button will turn off the Xbox One console.

So, basically, you should just hold down the Xbox button until your Xbox turns off or shuts down. Wait until your Xbox console is fully shut down and then press the Xbox button again to restart your console.

What Is Error Code 0x8027025a?

We consider that the first thing we need to know any given error and this applies not only to any computer, app, or device error we may encounter would be what it actually means.

All too often, users are just interested in the fixes, i.e., solutions that they may follow very often in the form of steps make the error go away.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with wanting to fix any errors and we encounter as quickly as possible.

Right now you are feeling like you just want to do this, that is fine. All you will need to do is stop reading the section to skip over to the next one in which we will give you different solutions in the shape of simple steps you can follow that will guarantee that this error gets fixed.

If, however, like to know a little bit more about this error then you should continue reading this section. This is certainly what we would recommend.


Because understanding what an error means will always give you more confidence when dealing with it and even decide what solution you should try out first.

So, even if you are in a rush to fix the problem spending some time learning about what may cause it might actually help you to deal with it more quickly and more effectively.

Also, knowing what this error means and what could be behind it I can also help you avoid getting again in the future. And, if you are lucky enough to have never experienced this problem, knowing about it may help you to prevent it from ever happening to you.

Now that we hope to have convinced you how important it is to know about the errors in general, let’s talk about error 8027025a and what it means.

When Does It Occur?

Basically, this is an error that only happens when you try to sign in or launch the Xbox one app.

So, why are you getting this error when you’re trying to start or a sign into the Xbox one app?

Well, this error might mean that is just some kind of temporary problem with the service that provides Xbox live. If that is the case, there is not a whole lot you can do other than wait and try to sign in or launch the app later.

You may want to contact the Xbox one for but normally wait for a few minutes and try again you should be able to sign in without getting this error.

This error could also mean that there is some kind of issue to do with your profile says sign in details. We will go more into this in the next section of this article.

Finally, another possible cause of this Xbox error could be that, for some reason or another, your Xbox one app is just taking too long to load. You should know that the Xbox One app, like most other apps of its kind, are supposed to load in a short period of time and if it does not then you may get a time run out error.

In summary, we could say that this error is always related to our signing in issue although the issue itself could have a different nature.

What Causes The Error?

Now that we have gone the possible causes for this error we are in a good position to go through all the different possible solutions to fix it.

As we said in the previous section, very common cause for this error is when there is a temporary problem with the Xbox Live service. There is no actual solution for this problem because it is not really a problem. From time to time Xbox will run service updates. So when this is the problem all you have to do is wait and try to sign in later.

There is a way to know if Xbox live is being updated and therefore when you would not be able to sign in or launch the app. We would recommend that you check the Xbox live service status and pay particular attention to any service status messages.

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If you see any alerts you should take heed and do not attempt to sign in until you see the following status message: Xbox live core services up and running. This message will have a date and a time stamp so you will be able to know exactly when the service has resumed working.

So, as you can see this error message sometimes is just a temporary thing and just annoying as it may be to get it all you need is just a little bit of patience and you should be able to start using the service again.

Other times, however, there is an actual problem hiding behind it.

There are two different solutions that will help you fix it. The good news is that both The good news is that the solutions are extremely simple and actually quite similar, so we would suggest you try out the first one check with their existing error for you and, if it does not, then you should go ahead and try the second solution.


There are very few problems reported by Xbox users who then try to fix them.

Unfortunately, from time to time, things can go wrong and one of the most common errors you can get if you use an Xbox is the following: 0X8027025a.

As you can see, fixing an Xbox error code 0X8027025a is very simple indeed. If you would like to share tips on how to fix this error or if you have any feedback about this tutorial, please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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  1. Still wont load. Could it be due to a poor connection or something? No apps load and give the same error and its been a 3 day thing so either xbox clearly cant get rid of their “red ring” or something new has popped up ive hard restarted it and all of the other suggestions?

    1. Did you manage to sort your Xbox? Mine is doing exactly the same thing. Freezes,won’t load, and exits me out of apps.

    2. Same here I haven’t had this Xbox that long. It’s been like this for 3 days and none of the solutions work.

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