Hotpoint Dishwasher Error Codes: Flashing Light Problems

Dishwashers are amazing technological innovations- they keep your fingers from getting all wrinkled. And they scrub your dishes clean more efficently than any human ever could.

Probably the nicest feature of any dishwasher, though, is the ability to load it, press a few buttons, and walk away.

Usually, the only thing you have to worry about is adding too much dishwashing soap to the machine, but sometimes errors can occur, just like with any piece of technology.

Hotpoint dishwashers are no exception.

Accidents and errors happen, and luckily, with a Hotpoint dishwasher, there are error codes displayed through LED lights that help you diagnose exactly what the issue with your dishwasher is. Don’t know how to read the lights?

Have no fear! I’ll walk you through each error, tell you what it means, and how to fix it.

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So How Do I Read These LED Lights, Anyway?

Hotpoint dishwashers use the LED lights on the front display panel to alert you when there is a problem with the machine.

To do this, certain error codes are associated with specific lights on the panel flashing together. On some Hotpoint models, an LCD screen displays the error code instead.

If your machine has LED lights, however, all you need to do is observe which lights are flashing and compare them to our list of error codes.

Reading from left to right, there are four LED lights used to diagnose errors, numbered one through four.

As noted on How To Repair, certain styles of dishwashers have different interfaces; therefore, it’s important to locate your LED lights correctly to diagnose the error.

The eSpares YouTube channel recently tackled how to identify Hotpoint or Indesit Error Codes.

They say that in the event that your machine is malfunctioning with flashing lights or displaying an error code on the display then this video tutorial can help find and identify your problem:

These Lights Are Flashing; What Does It Mean?

Error F01

What light is flashing: 1

What does it mean? According to Remove and Replace, Error F01 is the Anti-Flood Overflow code. This means that your machine could possibly have a drainage problem.

How do I fix it? Check that your machine’s drain system isn’t clogged or malfunctioning in any way, and take a look at the float switch while you’re at it- there could be an issue there, too.

Video Tutorial: Fixes For F02, F06, F07 

The YouTube creator shares some error code fixes for Hotpoint, Indesit, Ariston dishwashers, which he says refers to the dishwasher not filling with water:

Error F02

What light is flashing: 2

What does it mean? LED #2 flashing indicates a water fill solenoid valve failure- that is, there’s something going on with your machine’s water fill valve.

How do I fix it? Check to see that your fill valve is working properly: is it clogged? Is it not allowing any water to fill your Hotpoint machine at all? You might not be able to watch this in real-time as it fills while the machine is closed, but if you’re able to test the valve yourself you’ll be able to save time and money.

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Error F03

What lights are flashing: 1 2

What does it mean? If both LED lights one and two are flashing, there is a problem with your machine’s water drainage system.

How do I fix it? Observe your machine when you open it- is there standing water in the bottom? If so, your drain is likely clogged.

Check the drain pipe and plumbing attached to it to look for any blockages, and remove them if you find them.

Error F04

What light is flashing: 3

What does it mean? LED light three flashing indicates an issue with your machine’s thermostat.

How do I fix it? For a thermostat problem, replacing the item on your machine is the only option that will securely fix the problem. Thermostats can be tricky to fix, and instead of risking another malfunction, simply purchasing a new thermostat will ensure that error F04 doesn’t happen again for a long, long time.

Error F05

The YouTube creator below says that, despite what Hotpoint claims, the most typical cause of F05 in Indesit and Hotpoint machines is the failure of your pressure sensor/switch.

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He shows how to remove and replace it:

Error F06

What lights are flashing: 2 3

What does it mean? A water fill timeout has been noted on your dishwasher

How do I fix it? Check the hose leading to your water intake valve on your machine for any debris or issues with clogging as well as for tears. Also check for a supply of water to the machine at all, as well as the water pressure.

“I don’t function well in chaos, whether it be my sheets or the dishwasher”. – Gabrielle Union.

Error F07

What lights are flashing: 1 2 3

What does it mean? The water turbine has been damaged somehow. Bummer!

How do I fix it? Check to ensure that the turbine is in proper position and working order; if there is an issue with the turbine itself, and not merely a placement issue, then replacing the turbine completely is recommended.

Error F08

What light is flashing: 4

What does it mean? A temperature timeout fault is shown when the fourth LED light on the display panel flashes.

How do I fix it? Check to make sure the heater is in working order. If not, contact a repair company to find out what steps to take next.

Error F09

What lights are flashing: 1 4

What does it mean? A software error has been found on your Hotpoint dishwasher.

How do I fix it? The simplest way to attempt to resolve this issue is by unplugging your machine for two minutes to let it reset before plugging it back in. If your machine stops displaying error F09, that’s great, dishwasher guru! However, if the error is still being displayed, contact Hotpoint’s customer service to find out what to do next.

Error F10

What lights are flashing: 2 4

What does it mean? There is a problem with your dishwasher’s heating element.

How do I fix it? If you know anything about heating elements, go ahead and troubleshoot this problem yourself. For everyone else, take your heating element to a repair center to get it properly diagnosed.

Error F11

What lights are flashing: 1 2 4

What does it mean? Error F11 appears when there is a failure in your appliance’s wash pump.

How do I fix it? Check the pump for damage or any signs of clogging; repair as needed. Be sure to check the lines running to the wash pump as well, as they could be clogged instead.

Error F12

What lights are flashing: 3 4

What does it mean? There is a problem with your mainboard and Hotpoint dishwasher display- of course, you might have seen this coming!

How do I fix it? Check the wiring for the display panel on your machine. If everything looks to be in great shape, contact Hotpoint about your issue.

Error F13

What lights are flashing: 1 3 4

What does it mean? This time, it’s only your main board that is experiencing a problem- your display should be fine!

How do I fix it? Like before, check the wiring to your main board, and contact Hotpoint directly if there are any issues you don’t think you can fix yourself.

Error F15

What lights are flashing: 1 2 3 4

What does it mean? Your Hotpoint dishwasher’s virtual sensor is has malfunctioned. The virtual sensor is used to detect any malfunction in your machine- even its own!

How do I fix it? Check the virtual sensor for anything that could be obstructing it or causing it to malfunction. If nothing can be seen, contact Hotpoint directly.


You’ve done it! You’ve correctly identified which LED lights are flashing on your Hotpoint dishwasher and you associated it with an error!

If this was the end of the road for you, congratulations and enjoy your now functioning dishwasher!

If you’re still stuck with an error code, though, don’t panic!

I’ve got a few more tips below that could help you. If you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to check out my other articles on Error Codes Pro.

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Further, should you still be experiencing issues – simply take a deep breath and begin searching the internet via your favorite Search Engine again, and you’ll eventually come to a conclusion that accurately reflects a solution for your particular case. You may yet be able to fix this thing without spending hundreds on a technician’s visit!

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Pro Tips Galore:

  1. There’s a reason techies ask you if you’ve tried turning your device off and back on again- because it’s usually the easiest and fastest way to fix a problem! Don’t forget to unplug your Hotpoint dishwasher, leave it unplugged for two minutes, and then plug it back in before attempting to diagnose another problem. Sometimes technology just needs a nap!
  2. Contact Hotpoint directly if none of these error codes seem to be what you’re experiencing. Machines can present new problems all the time, and you might be experiencing one that isn’t listed- or hasn’t even been known to exist! Always file a report with a company when a major error occurs so that they know to be on the lookout for future errors of the same sort.
  3. Ensure that your version of the Hotpoint dishwasher follows these error code protocols. Check your machine’s user manual to be one hundred percent sure you’re reading up on the right error codes for your dishwasher.

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