How Do I Fix My Nest Entry Key From Error Initializing?

Nest Labs is one of the most innovative companies in recent years, creating most notably Wi-fi enabled thermostats that can be controlled by mobile devices through using an entry key. Although the technology is impressive, it isn’t perfect, and today I will be teaching you how to fix it from error initializing and what you should do. I assume that you are reading this article because you have one of these devices and you got this error, so continue on down below for all the information that you could ever possibly need to know.

What Is the Entry Key?

The entry key that we are talking about is one of the best features and yet another reason for its popularity and how it has changed the game in thermostats. The feature that I am talking about is being able to adjust your thermostat even when you aren’t at home. We have seen this become a more commonplace, such as Apple‘s home feature on the iPhone, being able to start your car on your phone, and shutting garage doors. Just some other great tools of the future.

The entry key is essential for this process because you need it to activate your phone or computer. You can download the mobile app on your phone or access it through any desktop computer and to do this you need to retrieve your unique entry key from your thermostat and enter into whatever device you want to pair it with. Here’s how you get the entry key from the Nest thermostat:

  1. Press your thermostat’s ring to open the Quick View menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Turn the ring to Nest Account and press the ring to select it.
  4. Select Get Entry Key to retrieve a unique entry key. Follow the next steps below to use your Nest app to add your thermostat to your Nest Account.

That’s what you need to do on the actual thermostat. Here is what needs to be done on the app.

1. Open the app and click on the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
2. Tap Add product then select Nest Thermostat.
3. Follow the Nest app’s instructions. When prompted, type in the Entry Key shown on your thermostat.

As you can see, if everything goes as it should, then it is a very simple process that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. However, sometimes an error arises and for whatever reason the system in unable to retrieve your unique entry key. If that’s the case for your thermostat, then continue down to the next section where I lay out how to fix this issue so you can get back to synching your thermostat with all of your devices.

Trouble Shooting This Issue

Since one of the best selling points of the Nest is the ability to control the temperature in your house from anywhere, you’ll want to fix this issue as quickly as possible so you can continue to use it. Above is a picture that a Reddit user uploaded showing exactly what this error will display on the thermostat.

The solutions here a little bit different from your typical error codes, as they are more testing to make sure everything is working instead of doing something particular. For instance, many times with a variety of Windows error codes, you’ll have to run specific programs to get the issue resolved.

This is not the case with this device, but it doesn’t mean that these solutions are any bit less effective. You will still get the issue resolved if you follow all of these tips in the order that they are listed here. After performing each of these steps, try to retrieve the entry key and if you still get the same error, simply move on to the next step. Although I think it’s highly unlikely, if you get through all of these solutions and it still isn’t working, contact Nest’s customer support, as they are super helpful and will gladly assist you.

Tip #1: Make sure your home Wi-Fi is working

This is the most common cause of this error, as this feature requires an internet connection. Therefore, if the router your thermostat is connected to isn’t working, then you will have a problem accessing your entry key. Therefore, check all of your other devices connected to the router and make sure they are connected to it and that the internet is working.

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Once you’ve verified all that and even if it is working, restart your router. The router could possibly be working with all of your other devices but there may be a problem with the connection between the thermostat and the router. Do so by unplugging all of the chords including your modem. Wait around 30 seconds and then plug them back in, allowing it to reboot for a couple of minutes. Check your other devices to make sure the internet is working, and then try to use your thermostat. Resetting it should fix this issue if that is the case.

Tip #2: Check the status of the Nest service

Sometimes, just like any online service really, the Nest servers are down. If that is the case, you won’t be able to add your thermostat to your Nest Account. You can click here to check the status of the Nest service. Another way you can see the status is on the app you may also see The Nest service can’t be reached right now message.

Once the Nest service comes back online, you’ll be able to add your thermostat to your Nest Account. So, unfortunately, if their service is down, there’s really nothing you can do to fix it, but at least you’ll know that is the issue and it shouldn’t be down for very long.

“I’ve never had WiFi at home. I’m too easily distracted, and YouTube is too tempting.” – Dave Eggers

Tip# 3: Make sure you have the newest Nest app version

Make sure that you have the most current available version of the Nest app. Either go to the App or Google Play Store and check to see if there are any available updates. If there are, then download them. If not, delete the app and reinstall it again for good measures.

Tip #4: Restart your Nest Thermostat

The logic behind this step is the same as the one for restarting your router. It will refresh your connection and here is how to do it.

1. Press the thermostat ring to bring up the Quick View menu.
2. Turn the ring to Settings and press the ring to select it (that’s how you select everything with the Nest.)
3. Choose Reset and then Restart.
4. Turn the ring until Ok appears on the screen and press to restart.

Once the restart is completed, make sure that it is connected to the router and attempt to get the entry key once again.

Tip #5: Check the settings on your Wi-Fi router or access point.

The last possible cause of this error has to do with your Wi-fi router once again. It can be a result of incompatible settings on your home Wi-Fi router or access point. A common example of this is parental controls or firewall security.

High firewall security or parental controls can block communication with Nest servers. You may not think that, because there is no content on there that could be considered offensive by anyone, but these firewalls aren’t perfect and sometimes block things that shouldn’t be. Refer to your Wi-Fi router/access point documentation to see how you can exempt the Nest Thermostat from these restrictions.


The Nest thermostat is a great innovative tool created about seven years ago as it is the first “smart” thermostat to come out on the market. It keeps your home at a comfortable and constant temperature while being very energy efficient at the same time. However, its greatest feature is that you can control the temperature from wherever you are if you sync up your thermometer with a mobile app.

However, like pretty much any piece of technology, the Nest is not perfect and does come with some minor flaws. The one I am of course talking about here is the error that occurs when you are trying to access the entry key, which is essential to connect your devices to it.

Although this error may occur, fear not because you can see the solutions that it’s actually quite easy to fix. In fact, you probably already know how to perform most of the skills required. Therefore, if you ever get this error, don’t panic, and just know that it will be resolved within a matter of minutes.


In this article, you should be able to find all the information you need to fix your Nest thermostat from error initializing when you try to retrieve the entry key. This blog, in general, has many great articles on how to do many simple fixes related to appliances, software, video games, operating systems, and much more. My recommendation is that if you every have any other type of error message, regardless what it is related to, check back here and in the top right-hand corner you can search for whatever error.

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