How To Turn Safe Mode Off On Tumblr

How to Turn Safe Mode off Tumblr

Tumblr is not as popular and mainstream like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook; however, it has its particular niche of young people. Think of it as partly a microblogging site and partly a social networking service. That’s right.

It allows users to have lots of personal web pages where they can create and post their original content and media. As a user, you can follow another person’s blog, comment, or even send them messages. Cool features, right?

Well, with such freedom, there’s a high possibility a user will post salacious, or adult content. Admittedly, such adult content attracts more people to a blog. Hence more people will want to post such. See now why Tumblr is popular among young people.

By default, your account is set up to keep you off such content. This restriction is excellent for underage children, but if you’re not one of them, it’s keeping you off from enjoying the full Tumblr experience. How can you turn it off? Read on to find out as we dig a little deeper on how to Safe Mode off on Tumblr.

What is Tumblr Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a feature in Tumblr that restricts sensitive content from appearing on your dashboard. As mentioned above, it is on by default regardless of your age. It is excellent because it helps to hide adult content from underage children. People under 18 cannot turn off the safe mode feature.

Turning It Off

#1 How to Turn off Tumblr Safe Mode on a PC

If you use Tumblr on your desktop or laptop browser with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS, you will follow these steps to disable safe Mode.

  1. Visit www.tumblr.com, enter your Tumblr ID and your Password to log in. After successfully logging in, click on the Account icon to launch a pop-up menu
  2. Now from the dropdown menu, click Settings.
  3. Scroll down until you locate the Filtering tab. Turn off safe Mode by toggling the button corresponding to the Safe Mode Setting. That’s it; you’ve now disabled safe Mode.

Note: Logging out disables access to the adult content. To continue viewing, you must log in again to your account, which you have turned off safe Mode.

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#2 How to Turn off Tumblr Safe Mode on an iPhone or iPad

Unlike the above steps, devices using the IOS have a different procedure. Disabling Safe Mode is done from the iOS app settings instead of the Tumblr app. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Open your Settings application on your Apple device. Scroll down, then select Tumblr.
  2. Once you are in the Tumblr Settings, tap on Safe Mode
  3. To disable Safe Mode, tap on ‘Don’t Hide Anything.’

It’s that simple. You can now go to your home screen, launch the Tumblr app, and enjoys unrestricted content.

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#3 How to Turn off Tumblr Safe Mode on an Android Phone

To surf Tumblr without any restrictions on an android device, follow these steps

  1. Launch the Tumblr app.
  2. You will spot a humanoid symbol at the bottom right corner, tap it
  3. In the upper-right corner, tap on the gear icon to get to the Accounts menu.
  4. At the top of the Accounts menu, select General Settings.
  5. Now scroll down the settings to Filtering and tap.
  6. You will now be able to spot the Safe Mode setting. If there is a blue button beside, safe Mode is on. Tap on it to disable safe Mode.

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No Tumblr Account? How to Access Blog pages with Safe Mode off

If you still don’t have a Tumblr account yet, you can still access restricted content without creating an account. Some websites let you access Tumblr blogs while also bypassing the safe mode restriction. Below are some of them:

  1. Cascadr
  2. GramUnion
  3. TumblViewr
  4. Tumbex

How to Report Spam on Tumblr

Due to the nature of Tumblr, there are lots of possibilities of finding one or two extreme posts, blogs, or spam messages. Below are some of the ways you can report them on Tumblr:

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Reporting a Blog

  1. When accessing Tumblr via the web, you can report a blog with extreme content from your dashboard. Alternatively, you can hover over the blog’s avatar, click on the humanoid icon, and click “Report.”
  2. When using mobile, tap on the blog’s username to view the specific blog. Tap the humanoid and lastly tap “Report.” to report the blog.

Reporting a Post

Similarly, to reporting a blog, you can report a post on the dashboard or in the search results.

  1. Click the share menu – the paper airplane symbol – at the post’s bottom. Then click on “Report.”
  2. When using the mobile web, on the top right of the post, you will see a menu. Tap it and select “Report” from the dropdown menu.

Reporting a message

  1. When using Tumblr via the web, click on “Mark as spam” to report spam messages. “Mark as spam” is under the spammer’s message.
  2. on mobile, on top of the conversation, you will see three dots. Tap them and select “Mark as spam.”

Note: The “Mark as spam” only appears if the message is from someone who you don’t follow or a person who you’ve never had a conversation with before using your Tumblr account.

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