3 Fixes For The HPWuSchd.exe Windows Process

The HPWuSchd.exe (HP Windows Update Scheduler) file is generally found in the HP Printers and Scanners software when you install a printer driver in your computer.

This file is often used for updating the drivers of the printer when needed.

While it does have its own use from time to time, some users complain about it hogging resources. Or they might have installed it from a third-party site that’s bundled in a bunch of adware/malware.


Fortunately, there are ways to either disable it or fix it, depending on whether you want it installed or not.

We’ll discuss what this executable file is, where it can be found, and how to fix it if it does cause any trouble.

What Is hpwuschd?

As previously mentioned, HPWuSchd.exe is a file component in an HP driver that looks for updates and updates the driver. It can usually be found under C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Software Update/.

As it is a minor file, it won’t cause you much trouble except that it may slow down your computer or give you frequent error messages when you print. HP also says it’s OK to remove:

 The error messages are often caused by corrupt or missing file components, disabling you from making use of certain functions for printing.

However, there are times when the HPWuSchd.exe is actually a virus or a malware that duplicates or disguises itself as an .exe file to enter your computer.

When it is, then it might cause you some real troubles. These may include extreme slowing of your computer, deleted files, and frequent crashing.

How To Fix hpwuschd

If you are experiencing problems with HPWuSchd.exe, you need not worry as you can fix it easily. Try out one of these fixes and see which one works best for you.

1st Fix

The first thing to do would be to simply delete the program in the Control Panel. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Computer then go to Control Panel.
  2. Go to Programs and Features.
  3. Look for the HPWuSchd.exe and uninstall it.

Alternatively, you can also look for it under Program Files and just delete it. As it is not such a crucial file, it won’t really affect your printing activities.

Your HP driver just won’t automatically update anymore, but that isn’t really something that you should worry about.

2nd Fix

If you can’t seem to find the .exe file, then another way to address the problem would be to download AVG TuneUp and automatically delete it from your computer. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download AVG TuneUp
  2. Run AVG TuneUp and let it scan for unnecessary startup programs.
  3. Let the AVG TuneUp disable the HPWuSchd.exe in your computer.

By doing that, the HPWuSchd.exe should already be deleted, and all your issues should be fixed.

You will notice that your computer will run a little bit faster, and you won’t be getting those annoying error messages anymore.

3rd Fix

As mentioned earlier, there is the possibility that HPWuSchd.exe is a malware or virus that’s disguising itself as an executable file.

If your computer is really slowing down, then make sure you do a complete virus scan.

Either AVG or Avast Antivirus is a good choice. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Boot up your updated antivirus.
  2. Make sure you do a full scan of your computer and wait for the scanning to finish.
  3. Delete whatever virus or malware the antivirus has detected.
  4. Do another full scan a few days later to double check if there are more.

Doing a virus scan is important because you don’t want the potential virus to spread. It may take a while to complete the scan, but it’s definitely worth the wait.


While the HPWuSchd.exe is generally not harmful, it does get in the way of some of your printing activities.

You can use any of the first two methods above to get rid of it, especially if you don’t want to see any more issues regarding it.

The only time it’s going to get a little dangerous is if it is a malware or a virus. In this case, then you should immediately do the 3rd fix so that you can nip it in the bud.

With these three fixes, you should be able to handle the problem with ease. So if you notice that you’re getting errors that are HPWuSchd.exe related, try them out.

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Forum Feedback

  • One person said that it’s the HP Printer Scheduler.
  • A Reddit user said that they got an update from Hewlett Packard on their computer (Compaq) and downloaded it. It was a huge mistake, they said. Now, the internet browser hardly works they can’t get any internet site to load- returns a timed out error! They did a virus scan and evidently it found adware called *MultiDropper-DU* that was bundled with the download.
  • An individual reported that it updates some HP Software (eg. Hewlett Packard Printer)
  • Another individual says that they up-graded to a newer HP driver for their OfficeJet printer, and now when they attempt to change the Print Properties (for example, changing paper size or switching between black and white and color), the machine lags. If they do this when they’re not connected to a LAN/WAN, they have access to what they need with no difficulty. They think this HPWuSchd.exe may be the offender, or whatever is launching this file is. The HP tech support wasn’t any help to me at all- they just sent him a link to demonstrate how you can install a network printer.
  • An individual explained that the HP printer drivers, especially the update features, are extremely irritating. They disrupt the user with useless crashes and Windows 7 security/update demands and They think it significantly slows boot and shut down processes. Regardless of many years of continual crashes and nonsense, no useful updates from HP have been delivered. They are removing it.
  • A computer owner mentioned that this is a legitimate software but it’s not necessary to run on startup.
  • Another computer owner pointed out that constantly interrupts the hard drive & network- it inhibits laptop computer drive shutdown, therefore consuming power. Evidently, it’s associated with HP 4215 printer drivers. It’s not essential for the function of printer. The exe file has some other name.
  • An individual explained that it’s a required scheduling software for HP printers to help keep updates for most effective possible driver configurations.
  • A computer owner reported that if you right click the process and navigate to the root folder, running “config.htm” will open up a page with upgrade settings. Tick the ‘never’ option and it’s fixed.
  • Another individual pointed out that he considers it useless clutter
  • Another computer owner pointed out that hpweschd.exe continuously triggered blue screen crashes until they went to msconfig and removed it from the Startup options. Trial and error in the startups section solved the problem.
  • Another individual explained that it’s a benign utility to regularly look for updates to installed HP software. For those who have a slightly older printer which is operating fine and you have not included any new Hewlett Packard software, the chances are this utility has outlived its practical use. At the very least, you are able to switch off automated loading upon Windows Startup, or un-install HP Update or manually eliminate the program without causing harm to your computer system. Regarding other users’ thoughts regarding malware getting embedded, their difficulty probably originated from installing an alleged “HP Update” from a Third party site that’s not HP.com. Find the genuine HP software/firmware URL to get legit download links.

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