4 Fixes For The “iPad Is disabled Connect To iTunes” Error [Solved]

If you’re getting the “iPad is disabled connect to iTunes” error message on your device, it’s likely that you’ve entered the wrong password too many times and now the iPad has locked you out.

One of the unfortunate consequences of this error is that there’s a probability you’ll have to erase your iPad to use it again.

We’ve compiled some DIY solutions below. The first one doesn’t require you to wipe the device, so try that one first.

After that, we recommend connecting with Apple support to see if they can help you restore your device without having to delete it. In a lot of cases, you’ll have an iCloud account that’s automatically synchronized and backed up your iPad, so you won’t lose everything!

Solution #1 (Hard Reset)

Try doing a ‘hard reset’. According to one Apple forum user, they were able to fix this error by doing a hard reset and not connecting to iTunes.

To do a hard reset, hold down your device’s home button and its lock button until the iPad turns off and then hold it until it turns back on. Now, check to see if the error message is cleared.

Hard iPad Reset Video Walk-Through

Solution #2 (Contact Apple)

If the above fix didn’t work, it probably makes sense to contact Apple support. There are some fixes you can try below, but you might want to get some official Apple tech support on the line to try an approved fix.

Most of the fixes below will erase all data from your iPad, so connect with Apple to see if they have a better solution for your particular use case.

Solution #3 (Recovery Mode)

Over in ifixit, the best-voted solution came from a user who suggested the following fix:

  1. Turn the iPad off
  2. Then hold the home button and plug it into the computer
  3. Continue holding the home button down until the iTunes logo appears
  4. This is recovery mode- you’ll be able to restore the iPad without a passcode from this point.

Solution #4 (Erase Device)

Apple itself has posted a solution. The problem with their solution is that it requires erasing your device.

They say that if the wrong passcode has been entered 6 times in a row on your iOS, you’ll be locked out and a message will appear saying that your device is disabled.

Hopefully, you’ve made a backup. Unless you have made a backup before you accidentally Apple says that there isn’t a way to save your device’s data. You’ll have to erase the device, which will delete all of your data and settings.

Video Guides

How To Remove Fix A Disabled iPad & Reset Locked Passcode

In the above video, a computer technician walks you through how to reset your iPad. This will work on any model and it will help to remove any passcode or a disabled screen that you may have on your iPad.

You’re going to need your computer with iTunes, and you’ll also need the correct cable for whatever device you’ve got. This fix apparently works on all models from the original iPad, all the way to the latest.

How To Restore A Disabled Or Locked iPhone iPad Or iPad Mini (iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9

According to this video creator, the iPad in question is disabled and requires connection to iTunes to restore it. The problem was caused by entering too many wrong passwords.

The technician walks you through the process- connecting the disabled iPad to the computer, opening iTunes, connecting with a data cable, and doing a complete wipe of the device.

Let us know if any of these fixes worked. I think the big takeaway here is don’t forget your password! And if you do, don’t keep guessing until you’ve bricked your device!

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