Let’s Fix iastordatasvc High CPU Memory Usage In Windows 10

This website has one purpose and one purpose alone and that is to help you fix any errors you may get on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or any appliances you may use at home or at work.  If you use Windows 10 and are struggling with high CPU Memory usage by IAStorDataSvc you have come to the right place.

Some of these errors are easier to fix than others. Some require more technical knowledge than others. However, we always try to provide enough information so that even the least knowledgeable leaders should be able to solve the problems they encounter if they read our instructions carefully. No matter how indecipherable errors can seem, we are always here to help.

In this article, we will explain what this is and also all the steps you will need to take in order to fix it. From its very nature, as we will explain later, this error only affects Windows computers. So if you are either already getting this error and would like to fix it or if you have a Windows computer and would like to be prepared just in case this ever happens to you, read on.


What Is IAstorDataSvc?

The first thing that you will probably need to know about this error so you can fix it is what IAstorDataSvc means. Although it may seem like a totally random and meaningless string of letters. However, there is meaning behind it. IAstorDataSvc means Intel Storage Data. We will not blame you if this still does not mean much to you. Basically, this is the name of a service that is used by Intel the rapid storage technology for the purposes of storing data. Most Windows operating systems now come with this service installed by default. This is not something that you should generally worry about it. This service cannot in itself cause any damage to your computer.

So, what is the purpose of it? You may very well be asking yourself this question now that you know that it comes as default but very little else. There is a purpose behind this service and, believe it or not, it is there for your benefit. The service was designed to give users faster and therefore more convenient access to those computer programs and online applications that they would use most frequently.

The way in which this Intel storage data service makes it faster for users to do this is by enabling them to use the SDD (Software Design Description) and HDD (hard disk drive’s capability) at the same time. This is because this service allows users to access to frequently used applications and programs without actually having that affect the users’ hard disk drive’s capability (HDD). However, this service is really not essential particularly if you just use your computer at home. If you’re worried about how fast you can connect to your programs, you should really not worry about this too much because SDDs are normally fast enough by themselves. So, having IAstorDataSvc or not does not really make much of a difference to most users.

“A lot of the reall good features of Windows 10 – things like Windows 10 Hello, where you have facial log in and you don’t have to use all your passwords, the Start screen and your ability to go through that, the touch usages of gaming, as the new gaming, as the new games come to this product – those are going to run with PCs that have the latest features”. – Brian Krzanich

The important thing is that you should know what it is before you decide whether you want to uninstall it or leave it alone. That is why we have decided to talk to you about it and explain what it is before we go ahead and explain how you would deal with it. It is not just about how to deal with it but, almost as importantly, be able to decide whether you should get rid of it or not before you go any further.

You have basically two options: you can go ahead and uninstall it or keep it in trying, instead, to fix high CPU usage. The good news is that both options are extremely simple and that they are both reversible. So, if you try one and are not satisfied by the results you can always reverse it and try the other option instead.

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Uninstalling IAstorDataSvc

There is no specific order in which we are presenting the two options. If we begin with telling you how to uninstall it this is not because we consider it, in any way, the best option. Choosing the way you would like to proceed is totally up to you.

Having said this, let’s go into what you will need to do in order to uninstall it. This is actually really simple:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to press the Windows key and the R simultaneously. This action will open a new window where you will need to type the following: appwiz.cpl.
  2. Once you have typed that in, simply click on the OK button. This will prompt a list of all the programs and apps that you have installed on your computer.
  3. Go through this list thoroughly until you find until you find Rapid storage technology.
  4. Once you have located it, you will need to double-click on it and then select the uninstall option.

This is actually all you will need to do. After you have chosen the uninstall option, you will need to wait for a few moments until the service has been uninstalled. You can actually just leave this in the background while you go want to do other things if you like. Uninstalling the service it’s actually not a big deal because you can choose to re-install it again whenever you need to in the future.

How To Fix the High CPU Usage?

OK, if you decide to keep IAstorDataSvc and, instead, fix the high CPU usage, you will need to follow these very simple steps to the letter:

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously and hold them down for a bit. This action will be from a new window to display.
  2. In the new window displaying, type in the following: appwiz.cpl.
  3. Once you have typed that in, then you should press the OK button. This action will cause the list of all programs and computer applications that you have installed to show up.
  4. Go through the list of programs thoroughly until you located Intel rapid storage technology program. If you are having any problem locating this, remember that you can re-order your programs by name (i.e., alphabetically), by publisher (in this case, you would be looking for problems published by the Intel Corporation), by the date you installed the application on, and by either different elements. This might make it easier for you to find it if you have a lot of different programs installed.
  5. Once you have found Intel rapid storage technology double-click on it.
  6. You will then be presented with different options. Select uninstall, click on the OK button, and wait for the program to be fully on installed.
  7. Once the problem has been installed, you will need to reinstall it straight away. For this, you will need to head over to the Intel rapid storage technology, which you can find easily on Google or any other search engine of your choice.
  8. Once on the insulation page for the Intel Rapid storage technology, select the proper version of Windows (i.e., your operating system), and go ahead and download it.
  9. Once you have installed the Intel Rapid storage technology, run it and install it on your machine.

There is nothing tricky or complicated about this. Fixing this issue is very simple, even if you want to still use the IAstorDataSvc. All there is to it really is uninstall it and install it back again. This normally fixes the issue. We have shown you all the steps you will need to follow in order to do this simply to make it easier for you and more convenient. we do not like to take any prior knowledge or experience for granted when we create our tutorials on this site. That is why we always like to go into as much detail as possible. If you are lucky enough to have experience or previously acquired computer knowledge, you will probably not need that much detail. But we believe it is always a good idea to be reminded of all the steps involved in fixing an issue. It does not hurt do you have all the steps refreshed, even if you are already very familiar with the issue. In our experience, it is very easy to struggle to fix an issue simply because we skip over one little but essential step.

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To summarize, fixing the issue always involves on installing the IAstorDataSvc. The one decision that you need to make is whether you want to still use it, in which case you will have to re-install it straight away; or, whether you actually consider that you do not need this. Either way, you could always uninstall it again or reinstall it if necessary.

Now, that we have shown you how to fix iastordatasvc High CPU Memory Usage In Windows 10, we would love to hear from you and what did you think about our articles and or fixes. So, if you have any feedback about this article, or would like to share your own tips with our readers, why don’t you leave us a message in the comment section below!

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  1. This worked for me and I want to share that.
    step 1 – open service manager
    step 2 – Now, click on services & applications and then click on services under it in the left menu.Scroll down and find superfetch in the right side.
    Step 3- double click and stop the service and also choose startup type as disabled.

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