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MEGAsync is a software application for backing up and synchronizing the folders from your computer and Smartphones onto a cloud platform.

The system runs on the background to “mirror” every change to the files and folders you make on your local drive onto the cloud storage drive.


MEGAsync is a reliable method of taking backup of the most important data on the MEGA cloud server. The server stores your folders and files in encrypted format.

On their About page, they say, “MEGA is fully accessible without prior software installs and remains the only cloud storage provider with browser-based high-performance end-to-end encryption.


You can view up-to-date pricing here– below is pricing as of 10/2018:

How To Use


Pass Key Technology

MEGAsync uses an advanced technology called pass-key for encrypting your data at your local drive.

Then it uploads the data onto the server.

It uses a power algorithm called AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is also reportedly being used by the American government and others worldwide.

Data Security and Accessibility

According to MEGA Limited, encrypted data is secure from all forms of hacking, malware, virus, and other cyber attacks.

As a registered user, you can access your files and folders in a secure way from the cloud server. The sync between your local drives and cloud platform happens almost in real time. Hence, the data is always the latest.  Decryption of data also happens at the secure platform which is protected from external threats.

Where To Download

You can download MEGAsync from the official website or the other affiliated sites. The default download is for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is also available for Android and iPhone.

MEGAsync Benefits

The MEGAsync Pro account gives you vast storage space which can be extended based on your specific needs.

By having multiple accounts, you can share your project and business-related documents at the global level. You can save on the expenses for buying hard drives at every location of your office and share large files with real-time sync.

How To Login

You can get your MEGAsync login after download and installation onto your PC, laptop, or Smartphone. The cloud server offers three versions of MEGAsync, namely MEGAsync free, MEGAsync Lite and MEGAsync Pro.

The free account reportedly has a storage limitation of 50GB. The Lite account can get up to 200GB of space. The Pro version can get storage space up to 4TB (may extend to 8TB). The bandwidth varies from 1TB to 16TB per month).

Creating An Account

After the installation, you need to create your account on the MEGAsync server. It allows you to access the resources on the MEGAsync home page. Once you have chosen the plan (free, Pro-Lite, Pro-I, Pro-II, or Pro-III) and get registered, the system gives you all the benefits. Here, we have listed a few of them for your information.

Using On Multiple Computers

You can Sync multiple computers in your Local Area Network (LAN) with MEGAsync.

It allows you to share a folder on multiple computers and sync the latest updates. This feature is stated to be highly beneficial when your team works on project related documentation. The team leader can assign the tasks in a single shared project file and the others can update their progress.

Since the folders and files get shared in real-time, you can get to know the project status and the progress being made. MEGAsync will also act as a safe backup of your data which you can restore when the original folders get corrupt or deleted.

Sync Types

MEGAsync offers two types of sync, namely full sync and select sync.

The first option will let you include all the subfolders and files from the top level to the bottom level without omitting any of them. Selective sync lets you choose the folders and files. In both types, you can select multiple logical drives.

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You can add these folders to the MEGAsync Sync-tab. Click on the APPLY button to complete the procedure. You can choose more folders to add at any point in time. You can also remove folders from the Sync-tab.

MEGAsync & Uploads

MEGAsync allows you to upload specific files and folders onto the cloud server through the preference/settings. Here, the advanced panel has all the features for adding and excluding. The procedure is as simple as adding to or removing files and folders from a local drive.

Using Shared Sync

The most attractive feature of MEGAsync is its capacity to sync data between multiple accounts. By allowing full access to the shared user account, it is possible to get the complete benefits. This feature will be useful when you are sharing your data files and folders with others who may want to edit them.

MEGAsync Search

MEGAsync search is a tool useful for finding specific shared files and folders. The Search engine result page will display the file and folder details with name, size, hits, ratio, and date of upload, etc. You can download the file or folder onto your local drive.

You can also add folders and onto the search engine for others to view and download. Right click on the file and choose the Get link option. The copyright infringement option will ensure that your fields and folders are not misused by the others. It is stated to be a foolproof security feature for protecting your interests on the cloud server.

Different Platforms

MEGAsync For Windows

If you are working on a PC or laptop with Windows OS, the MEGAsync for Windows is the best option. MEGAsync Mac and MEGAsync Linux (check for versions before download) are also equally efficient and effective.

MEGAsync & Android

MEGAsync Android lets you access to huge data resource on the cloud. The advantage is you can choose the required file and edit them while they are on the share. The changes get reflected onto the cloud server in real time.

MEGAsync & iPhone

The MEGAsync iPhone cloud drive is highly useful for sharing your travel photos and videos with your friends and social media contacts.

The MEGAsync Browser Extension

MEGAsync browser extensions are useful when you have no option to download the app onto your Android or iPhone system. It gives to the interface to interact with the MEGAsync cloud server from your browser. The key advantage is its cross-browser compatibility.

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