3 Ways To Fix FileRepMalware [Solved]

Table Of Contents If you happen to notice weird occurrences in your computer such as a missing data or pop-up messages from time to time, chances are you might have FileRepMalware in your desktop. This virus is common and is a type of malware that corrupts your computer (Source). It may start from a harmless … Read more

What Is Instup.exe And 4 Common Fixes

Table Of Contents What Is Instup.exe? Instup.exe is a legit executable file that originates from the Free Avast Antivirus program. It stands for Avast Antivirus Installer and Virus Definition Updater. However, the .exe extension on the filename indicates that it is an executable file. As such, executable files are known to (in some cases) cause … Read more

What Is msfeedssync.exe And How To Remove It [Solved]

Table Of Contents Built into Internet Explorer 9 was a neat little file called msfeedssync.exe, which refers to “Microsoft Feeds Synchronization”. There are probably many of you that don’t know about this file and the ones that do aren’t sure what it does. What Is It? In short, msfeedssync.exe is designed to start the synchronization … Read more