3+ Fixes For REMPL | What Is This Folder?

In this post, we’ll provide 3+ fixes (and video guides) for dealing with the REMPL folder.

The REMPL is an installed file that consists of other program files and templates. It can be found in the Program Folder of the PC (C:Program Filesrempl). Few users find it alarming and suspicious because it is created by a third party. It is also reportedly installed without any permission of the users; that is why Microsoft Windows is being questioned about it (Source).

When this program file gets installed, it lets other applications run without the users’ knowledge. Other users also observe that it automatically wakes up their PC. It sounds definitely alarming indeed, especially when this is your first time experiencing this error.

Fortunately, technicians have found out the reason behind the automatic installing of REMPL in windows. Now, let us know what is its actual purpose.

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What is REMPL?

According to ASKVG, REMPL is not a suspicious and harmful malware. It is actually included to the latest update of Windows 10 (KB4023057). REMPL aims to make Windows updates easier and reliable. Along with this, it consists of program files that may also be installed.

This REMPL may install a program called “Windows Setup Remediations (x64) KB4023057 that can be found on “Settings > Apps > Apps & Features” page.

The following are the files included in the REMPL file:

  • Logs
  • CTAC.json
  • disktoast.exe
  • osrrb.exe
  • rempl.xml
  • sedlauncher.exe
  • sedplugins.dll
  • sedsvc.exe
  • ServiceStackHardening.Inf
  • strgsnsaddons.dll
  • toastlogo.png

As an automated troubleshooting tool, it automatically downloads the most recent version of Windows 10. That is the reason why REMPL folder contains other program files.

How to fix REMPL?

To see if REMPL has been installed and running in the background, open the task manager through shortcut keys CTRL + Shift + Esc. It is being processed by another program file named “sedsvc.exe“. If not, some exe files can also process the Windows Remediation Process.

Since REMPL troubleshoots Windows automatically, there are some pros and cons with it. The things to consider are listed by Microsoft Support. They note the following:

  • The update may let or request the device to stay awake longer. This will let the device enable the Windows Update.
  • Your device’s registry keys that will hinder Windows update might be cleaned up as well, for this automatically solves and deletes problems if any such thing gets detected.
  • The update may repair the disabled and corrupted Windows Operating System to fully update Windows Updates successfully.
  • REMPL may compress files in the user’s directory file to free up some disk in the storage. This will enable future updates to be installed as well.
  • All future problems that disabled the Windows Update will be fixed, including resetting the Windows Update Database. This will result in an automatic clearing of Windows Update history.

Now, should users fix it? If you are alarmed with sudden changes that might happen, you can prevent it. REMPL may not harm your device since it does not collect personal data as well. But in some cases, it’s a hassle, especially when the Windows Updates automatically enables on. With some procedures, you can prevent such by following a few and simple steps in your computer. The following Methods and Tutorials are presented by ASKVG.

1st Fix

The first method to fix it is to disable the process of Windows Remediation Process included in REMPL installed program files. This is by simply removing or uninstalling the Windows Setup Remediation Process. The following must be followed:

  1. Open Start Menu or a shortcut key (WIN + I) together.
  2. Look for Settings App and click on that item.
  3. Scroll for Apps and Features. Then, see the two programs listed below the screen.
  4. Scroll down to find Windows Setups Remediation (x64) (KB4023057).
  5. Click it and click the uninstall button.

Through this, Windows Setups Remediation will be uninstalled, and your device will disable the automatic updates presented by REMPL program files. Note that this method can be done by opening the Control Panel as well.

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2nd Fix

The second method involves stopping and disabling Windows Remediation Process through Service Manager.

  1. Open Service Manager by pressing Win + R altogether; the Run dialog box will appear.
  2. Type services.msc on the box then Enter to launch the action.
  3. Find Windows Remediation Process (sedsvc) and Windows Update Medic Service (WaaSMedicSVC).
  4. Double click on Sedsvc or the Windows Remediation Process to open the window of its properties.
  5. Stop its process by clicking Stop.
  6. Change the Startup Type from Enabled to Disabled from its drop-down box.
  7. Click Apply Changes before closing the window.

This method will stop Windows Remediation Services in running in the background. Note the difference between Windows Remediation Process (sedsvc) and Windows Update Medic Service (WaaSMedicSVC). Normally, Sedsvc is set to Automatic for Windows update while WaaSMedicSVS is set to Manual for Windows Update.

3rd Fix

The next method aims to disable REMPL running in the background or its task. It is simple yet more confusing to follow because of involves terms.

  1. Open the Run dialog by pressing WIN + R keys together. Then type taskschd.msc. Press Enter to launch the action. It will launch the Task Scheduler program.
  2. Open Task Scheduler Library. Then go to Microsoft > Windows. Look for the rempl folder.
  3. Find for Shell task in its right side, then select it.
  4. Using the Delete key, delete it permanently. It will be removed in the list as well.
  5. Before closing, click Yes.

Forum Feedback

To learn more about rempl and what people think about this Windows process, we searched through different forums. In general, users want to know about rempl Program Files, rempl folder Windows 10, and rempl sedlauncher. They also were interested in what rempl is and rempl shell.

Contacting Microsoft

A computer owner shared that he discovered the rempl file in his Program Files and that he was worried that it was a virus after reading posts over the Internet. So, he wanted to know how to remove it and contacted the Microsoft community for help. However, they reassured him that rempl was not a virus, but a legitimate process and that he shouldn’t attempt to remove it as long as it wasn’t located in System 32.


Another computer expert states that the rempl folder contains Remsh.exe, which is related to Windows Update. He adds that not all computers have this rempl folder because it gets installed on the device when it encounters problems attempting to update Windows 10 to its most recent version. The user comments that Windows 10 downloads a special package that installs rempl to try and identify what is causing the update problems.

Check The Location

An individual says that if you’re concerned about rempl, you should check its location and whether it contains remsh.exe. It’s highly unlikely for rempl to be a virus if it’s located in Program Files, but you might still scan your computer with an antivirus program.

Not Viruses

A person comments that if you open the rempl folder, you’ll likely see several executable files inside such as:

  • rempl.exe
  • remsh.exe
  • sedsvc.exe
  • sedlauncher.exe

He adds that these files are not viruses and that the KB4023057 update copies them on your device. The user also mentions the same update is responsible for Windows Setup Remediations, which you can find if you open Settings à Apps à Apps and Features.

Changed Sleep Settings?

Another computer owner complains that rempl has changed his sleep settings and that he found it difficult to disable He also notices that rempl has a scheduled task in the Task Manager and that it seems to be related to Microsoft.


Booting Error

An individual mentions that rempl sometimes causes an error when booting. He adds that he had deleted the rempl folder several times without any ill effects for his system and that it’s also possible to uninstall it through the Control Panel by uninstalling Windows Remediation Services.

Another user shares that this rempl will not get installed if you have the latest build of Windows. However, if it has been already installed it won’t get uninstalled when you upgrade your Windows 10 to the newest version. So, you can try to do it manually by deleting the rempl folder.

Digital Signature

An individual notices that the rempl file has Microsoft digital signature and as a result, it’s not a virus despite what other computer users have suggested. He explains that it’s supposed to fix update problems in 1507, 1511, and 1607 versions of Windows. However, sometimes remsh.exe causes high disk usage and slows down the performance of the device. That’s why he recommends that you disable the executable file responsible for the high CPU and disk usage from running at startup. You can do that by blocking them in your firewall.

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Safe To Delete?

A user was confused about whether he should delete it or not since he was getting mixed responses from the Microsoft community. However, after removing the rempl folder he didn’t experience any problems, and his computer performance improved.

An individual commented that his computer was working slower than before. So, he opened the Task Manager and discovered that remsh.exe was using far more resources than it should have for briefs periods of time. He was baffled why this exe was running when he had disabled Windows Updates. Moreover, it was waking up his device from sleep every night. So, he decided to take his computer for a professional diagnostic.

Uninstall KB4023057

Another user states that you can get rid of the rempl folder by uninstalling the KB4023057 update. He mentions that you can find the KB4023057 update in Settings –> Apps –> Apps and Features if it’s not in Control Panel.

A forum poster observes that rempl was asking for access through his firewall. Since he wasn’t trusting it enough and he wasn’t 100% certain that it wasn’t a virus, he blocked it through the firewall.


Overall, REMPL is not a malicious and harmful malware that will significantly affect your computer. It only aims to provide a troubleshooting and automatic tool for Windows Update.

The said program files may cause delays or hassle to the user, but it can be managed. This may be taken down or be disabled by doing the methods above. However, by doing such, note that the advantage of having a reliable and recent update for the device might be prevented as well. In summary, the users have two options – enable or disable the Windows Remediation Services.

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