Samsung Top Load Washer Error Codes: U6, Le, etc.

There are times when appliances that make our daily life easy and our tiring tasks quick, we get error codes. Samsung Top Load Washers is something people use daily in their houses but it is possible for it to display error codes and temporarily malfunction. In this situation, you do not necessarily have to shop for new parts or call a repair guy. Sometimes, you might not have the time to wait for someone to fix your washing machine, that is why I will present some solutions to the error codes you may see on the display. First, it is important that we explain what every/mostly encountered error code implies. Only then, can you solve these error codes through solutions that will be discussed below.

Normally, the error codes you see on the machine’s display point out to the part of the machine that has unfortunately for some reason, stopped working. Unlike other machinery or appliances, by finding out what the error code means you are a step closer to solving the problem all by yourself!

“Water doesn’t hurt a vinyl record. Put it into a dishwasher and you’re fine”. – Billy Gibbons.

Before delving further into what error codes mean and how you can solve them, it is important to understand that mostly error codes are related to the installation or maintenance area. These include your washer not being leveled, the inlet water supply mesh filters being polluted, use of excessive detergent or debris filters being clogged. If you can fix these issues, there is a possibility that error codes would cease to appear, and the machine will run smoothly once again. Here is another tip, if your machine doesn’t start, you must make sure that the Delay Start function is not turned on because if that is the case, you will encounter error codes that include a number after an ‘H’ like 2H, 5H etc. You can read more about errors on the Samsung website here.

If that’s not the case then do not panic! There are several other solutions to solving your error code related problems. You just have to consult with the list of error codes, what it means, and solution to it, mentioned below:

Causes and Solutions:

1.      Error code: 1E

This means that the water level sensor has malfunctioned. To solve this issue, you can try the following solution to repair it:

  •         Unplug the washer.
  •         Check the wire harness between the water level sensor and the main control board. This harness should not be disconnected from the main control board.
  •         In case, it has been disconnected you can try to reconnect the loose wire.
  •         However, if it has been damaged then you need to replace the water harness.  Further, if the wires are connected and not tampered, then the problem lies in the water sensor and it needs to be changed.

2.      Error code: nd

This error stands for “no drain”. If you see this message then it implies that the machine is suffering from a no drain condition. This usually happens when the debris filter is not clean and clogged, or drain hose is not installed properly. In this situation, the following steps must be taken:

  •         You should inspect your washer drain and the washer’s drain hose for any blockage or clogging.
  •         Do this by unplugging the machine and look for any blockage in the drain pump.
  •         Next, you should clean the filter in the drain pump by activating it.
  •         If upon turning it on, it does not drain, you will have to replace it.

3.      Error code: LE

This error refers to a water leakage problem. The control system of the Top Load washer can detect for water levels dropping abnormally during the washing process, or the rinse portion of the cycle. If you are faced with this error, do the steps in the devised order to fix the error:

  •         The outer tub needs to be replaced. Do this by unplugging the machine and look for any damage to the parts of outer tubes or hoses connected to it.
  •         If that is not the case, then you can proceed to inspect the drain hoses to see if they are properly installed

If the drain hoses are not properly installed then it is possible that water is seeping out of the washer drain. Read more about it here.

4.      Error code: HE1

This error is related to the washer’s heater and thus, it is called Heater Error. This error can be solved by following these easy steps:

  •         After unplugging the machine, check the wire harness between the heater element and main electronic control board.
  •         If the wire is disconnected, you should reconnect it. Other than that, it is possible that the wire harness is damaged. If that is the case, you will have to replace it.

It is possible that both might be okay but, don’t panic! You can check the heater element using a multimeter. You should see if the resistance measurement is infinity because this would imply that the heater is damaged. In this case, you will have to replace the main electronic control board. For further information visit here.

5.      Error code: suds

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This error refers to an over-sudsing situation. This means that the machine is facing an over-sudsing problem and will have to stop until the suds have dissolved. To resolve this situation, you should use a high-efficiency detergent. These types of detergents perform cleaning with low amount of suds and are ideal for front loader washing machines. Most of these detergents are readily available at the market. If your detergent is HE compliant, and the machine is still showing the same error, then you are probably using too much detergent.

6.      Error code: 3E

The error code 3E is related to the driver motor or hall sensor. Also called tachometer, the hall sensor could be malfunctioned. When this happens, the following preliminary steps must be taken:

  •         Unplug the machine and inspect the wire harness connecting the driver motor to the electronic control board.
  •         You should check for any loose wires that are connected to these parts.
  •         If that is not the case, then replace the wire harness because it is likely that the wires are damaged and not working properly.
  •         If the wires are working properly, then you would have to replace the hall sensor or the hall motor.

7.      Error Code: DC/DE/UE

If you encounter any situation where any of the above errors appear on the machine’s display, then it implies that the machine is facing an unbalanced load or board voltage error. You can follow this solution to repair your machine:

  •         Unplug the machine and open the door.
  •         Check if the washer is overloaded and try to redistribute it.
  •         Check the washer level and see if the washer spins properly.

    If this does not solve the problem then you can try replacing defective parts and check your suspension system. You can buy these parts from here.

8.      Error code: PE/PE1

This error implies that the clutch motor has failed. Fortunately, there are ways you can repair this error.

  •         You should start by unplugging the machine and check whether the wire harness between the clutch motor and the electric control motor has come lose. You can reconnect any loose wires if needed.
  •         You might have to replace the wire harness if it’s damaged.
  •         If this doesn’t work you would have to measure the resistance. You can do this by disconnecting the wire harness from the clutch motor. The resistance between terminal 1 and 3 should be measured.
  •         Upon measuring, if you get an infinite value then it means that the clutch motor is dysfunctional. This would require you to replace the clutch motor part of the machine.

9.      Error code: OE

This error indicates a water overflow. The process to resolve this error is as follows:

  •         You will have to unplug the machine to see if it is still filling itself when you encounter an overflow situation.
  •         If this is the case, then you will have to replace the water inlet valve because this is damaged, and is causing the water flow to not stop after the prescribed limit.
  •         If the water inlet valve is working fine, then you will have to replace the water sensor because clearly, it is not detecting the water intake correctly.

10.  Error code: nF or nf1

This error indicates that the water is not being supplied to the machine in a way that it fulfills its requirement. To resolve this error, the following measures can be taken:

  •         Behind the washer, water supply faucets are present. Look for them and inspect if they are completely open.
  •         There is a possibility that frozen water has clogged the faucets during winters. You can clean those to avoid the error.
  •         Check for proper water supply through the inlet screens on the water inlet valves. If they are clogged, you will have to replace them.
  •         It is also possible that the drain hose is not properly installed. You should check if it is, then reconnect it, it’s possible that the drain hose is making water seep through the washer.

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All of the above-mentioned solutions should be enough for resolving any errors related to the Samsung Top Load washer. However, there is a possibility that you would have to refer to a proper expert and even purchase repair parts.

For further information about other articles related to appliance errors, you can visit our website’s category for appliance error codes.

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