how to fix samsung tv that won't power on

9 Fixes For A Samsung TV That Won’t Turn On

If your Samsung television won’t turn on, we’ve assembled a bunch of solutions from around the internet. Check out the easy solutions first and scroll down for some of the more complicated fixes.

Easy Solutions

Solution #1

Ensure that the TV’s AC power cord is firmly plugged into the TV and the wall outlet. If you’re employing a power board or surge protector, try connecting the TV directly to the wall outlet.

Solution #2

Ensure that your electrical outlet is functional and matches the voltage requirement of the TV.

Solution #3

Is it receiving power at all? Assess Standby Light’s status. It’s located on the lower right corner of the TV. If on, it means the TV is receiving power.

Solution #4

Is it the remote’s fault? Use the TV’s own power button to see if you can power it on that way.

Solution #5

Call Samsung- in our research, many users were able to get Samsung to do a free, onsite technical repair. This will depend on whether you’re model of television is covered and some other factors- but it’s worth a shot. Call 1-800-SAMSUNG to find out- make sure you have the model # of your TV on hand.

Simple TV Repair Video Walk-through

Before you proceed to more advanced fixes, try some of the suggestions included in the video below. These generic solutions could fix your Samsung:

Other Solutions

Solution #6: Firmware Update

One user suggested searching for a firmware update.

He said he was experiencing a problem called Phantom Auto Shut Off. You can search for firmware upgrades here or just call Samsung and get some guided technical support: 1-800-SAMSUNG.

How To Do A Smart TV Firmware Update

How To Do A Non-Smart TV Firmware Update

Solution #7: Examine The Power board

I know…this solution is probably not what you want to hear. Who wants to dissect their television- the thing should just work. But the fix was selected as the best solution over at

The user who was experiencing the issue explained that he owned a 65″ UN65JS850DFXZA Samsung TV that refused to power on. It didn’t have red standby light and leaving it unplugged for several hours did nothing.

The tech expert explained that if your TV set is drawing power, you’ll want to check the power board for blown fuses or other broken components after unplugging and removing the back of the set.

He recommends running a series of power tests- check out the link for step-by-step instructions. Obviously- this is one of the more involved solutions, so you’ll only want to tackle it once you’ve exhausted some of the other, easier Samsung TV fixes.

Solution #8 Replace Capacitors

Over in CNET, one user had success replacing the capacitors.

He explained that he replaced 4 faulty capacitors himself with Radio Shack caps. You can buy the capacitor kits off of Amazon, as well. It’s not a complicated fix- the TV owner says you just need the skill to desolder and solder. You can spot the broken caps- they’re bulging on top and some were split open.

Here’s a video demonstrating the Samsung capacitor fix:

Another CNET reader said he found “10V caps on the 5V rail and 25V caps on a 12ish Volt rail”.

So there are definitely some legitimate issues with Samsung TVs and their capacitors, judging by CNET user experience.

Over in InHomeTechSolutions, a technician said that when capacitors fail, it’s the manufacturer of the capacitors fault. It’s hard to know whether Samsung was aware they were faulty- though he explains that Samsung is not the first or the last TV brand to experience major capacitor issues.

The way they fix it, they replace the capacitors with better quality options that have superior voltage tolerance.

Solution #9 Change Cable Boxes

Over at CNET, one user claimed that swapping cable boxes fixed the problem.

Samsung TVs and Clicking Sounds

This is another weird Samsung television problem- a repeating clicking sound and the TV not turning on.

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Over at TurboFuture, a savvy technician provides a fix- he says that if your LCD, or smart TV, is experiencing this clicking malfunctioning, there’s a simple repair you can do yourself. It’s probably related to faulty capacitors that are failing after 2-3 years.

He’ll walk you through the clicking fix he conducted on his Samsung LN46A550 46″ LCD HDTV, which he says is also a well-known problem with Samsung 550 & 650 series TV. The repair takes about an hour and it’s likely the TV will be powering back on if you follow his guide.

The fix follows this process:

  1. Remove the stand
  2. Remove All the Screws That Attach to the Back Casing of the TV
  3. Remove Wiring Harnesses From Circuit Board
  4. Remove Screws Holding Down Circuit Board
  5. Identifying Bad Capacitors
  6. Remove Capacitors
  7. Install New Capacitors
  8. Put it back together

Hopefully one of the above solutions worked for you. We’d also advise contacting Samsung support and even hiring a local repair professional.


If you’re having problems with your Samsung television’s power, it’s probably best to call up Samsung if the simple fixes don’t work. If you can get a Samsung repair technician to come at no charge, that’s great.

You might want to check out some local repair technicians if Samsung refuses to shoulder the cost. The fix might not be worth it, however. Given how inexpensive televisions are these days, you might want to buy a new model.

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