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3 Fixes For The Google Play Error 927

Don’t panic! First, don’t panic if you have an error – of any kind.

There’s always a solution to a technological problem!

Second, don’t panic should you start reading this guide and feel incapable of understanding what I mean – but instead, call up your most tech-savvy person in your contact list, and offer them a token of gratitude (or a few dollars) to help you out – and then point them straight here, to this guide, to either walk you through it or grab your device and sort out this Error 927.

Without further adieu- behold, with one (rather outdated) image we can find out how to solve the infamous – and rather confusing – Google Play Error 927 for Android.

Quick Video Fix

Root Cause: How Did We Get Here and Why?

Ok – sure. That solution in the image may well be enough information to go on for those that really know their devices, or don’t care about how the technology involved works – but we should really understand the tools we hold so dear, like our phones, right?

Moreover, we should be well-informed about how potentially fatal errors (and what I mean by that is – something that makes the device unusable, like Google Play refusing to work) in order to prevent future errors.

So, what causes this error?


This error 927 happens when something is corrupt on your device and usually, occurs when trying to either update or install a new App. It’s an error that’s telling you ‘whoops, Google Play is in a state where this cannot happen.’ While Google is fairly unresponsive on their own support forums (at the time of writing: one question, 7 views, no responses 🙁 ) when it comes to this error, have no fear, because we have a brief guide that’ll get you all sorted out in no time.

Again, we said that this error was caused – for the most part – due to data corruption in Google Play’s local content, or cache. What does that techno-jargon mean? Briefly: each device has a piece of memory (of varying types of technology) wherein the Operating System (OS – Android, in our case) and the Apps are stored, along with all of your media.

This memory can sometimes/usually be extended by adding – you guessed it – additional memory. There’s also another type of memory entirely on most devices, called RAM or Random Access Memory. This type of memory is much, much faster than your standard memory and is used to store things, basically, that your OS decides it wants to have quick or constant access to, on-the-fly and at a faster pace. This behavior of storage memory vs. performance memory is how computers of all sorts and sizes have been storing all of our precious kitty photos for a long, long time.

Long story short: your stored memory that Google Play depends on is corrupt, or your RAM storage that the App is using is corrupt. Data corruption can happen for countless myriad reasons, as this Wikipedia article will attempt to explain to those curious. Consider, though, for instance: may you have dropped your device from any height in recent memory? A simple bump in the wrong angle can send your data flying across your memory and, thereby, cause corruption. Whoops!


Solution: OK, That’s Great, How Do We Fix It?

Hey – I already told you how to fix it!

I kid, but really, let’s have another look and explain step-by-step (we’ll even use a handy numbered list!):

  1. The way to get to the image you see below actually varies not only by Android version, but also sometimes across platforms / models. D’oh! When in doubt, Google ‘How to clear cache on Android 6.1.2 Samsung Galaxy s5’ or what have you.
  2. Once you’re inside Settings -> (however you got here) -> Google Play Store, go ahead and tap (in this order, and wait a few seconds for it to think while you’re in between steps): Force stop, then Clear data, then Clear cache.
  3. Re-try downloading or updating an App. Should you have further instances of your now-dreaded error, head on down to Method 2.
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Solution Method 2: The Above Solution Didn’t Work! Help!

Again, we’ll opt for a numbered list to help you through the next series of troubleshooting steps to resolve your error:

  1. Go to System Settings -> Accounts.
  2. Remove all of your Google (Gmail or G Suite emails – like, if your domain’s email is hosted by Google, remove them too) accounts.
  3. Add a brand-new, previously unused Google account.
  4. Follow Solution #1, above.
  5. Now, feel free to re-add all your previously added Gmail (or Gmail-hosted) accounts.
  6. Try updating / installing a new App, and voila!
  7. Resolution!

I said resolution, however – there’s one other potential cause for this error. Let’s examine it, next.

Solution Method 3: Need More Help, Nothing Above has Helped!

As I’d originally mentioned, a while ago, we’re suffering from bad memory. The worst kind of bad memory, my friends, is no (or very little) available memory – and, you can be sure, this error will appear in some cases where Android users try to update/install an App and they’re low on memory. That is to say – you need memory to store things, and when you don’t have enough memory to store an update or install a new App, your phone will complain to you in one of many different ways – and that might have lead to this 927 Error. Fear not, for we have one final method to try (along with some Hail Mary or a few listed in the conclusion, should you find yourself not fixed).

Let’s check and see, and look at how to resolve this situation, should this be the root cause:

  1. Go ahead and navigate back to Settings, then Storage. Again, that may be trickier or exactly that process – depending entirely on your specific breed of Android.
  2. You’ll see something akin to the image below. If your ‘total space’ is showing you a fraction
    (Pro Tip: there’s actually a line that says ‘Available’ you can judge by, instead) that’s far too close to the maximum that it could be (ie. the less memory you have available, the worse), then look below to find out what, specifically, is taking up how much room.
  3. The second step to solving this error, should you be actually out of available memory, is to delete things that are taking up too much room.
  4. I’ll leave you to your own ability in order to Google such things as ‘how do I delete images on my Android phone,’ or ‘how do I uninstall Apps from my Android phone,’ but you get the idea.
  5. Try installing or updating an App.
  6. Victory! You now have the free space necessary to allow Google Play Store to work!


Well – thanks for reading my short, three-pronged guide that should allow 98% of you to solve this error message.

The other 2% of people facing this error will want to first pat themselves on the back for being an exceptional case, second pat themselves again on the back for completing the most common troubleshooting steps to resolve their issue, and third pat themselves on the back for being here in the first place on Error Codes Pro and looking at this article. Why the third pat, you ask?

You’ve demonstrated to me – and yourself – your Search Engine of choice is finding you different ideas to try to solve Google Play Error 927 for Android.

Keep up the hard work – if you’re not completely fixed – of drilling down harder with more and more advanced or longer Search Engine queries, and make sure to not give up until all hope is lost. Mind you, should you find that ‘all hope is lost!’ – fear not, for I have further Pro Tip #2: Google ‘how do I reinstall the Android OS on (insert your actual phone – along with model – here).’

When all else fails, reinstall the OS! Pro Tip #3: (should you still be reading here, this will be helpful) the process is actually called ‘flashing’ your Android device, to an ‘alternate ROM.’ There are literally dozens to choose from for your more popular breeds of Android devices. Good luck, and happy modding!

However – if we’ve managed to sort out your Error 927 for Android today, then congratulations on a job well done and I truly hope you enjoy your renewed experience with Google Play, having solved Error 927. It’s a refreshing feeling, having conquered a new and interesting technological challenge – and one that’s an even better feeling to have, should you have done it all on your own. If you had to hand the device to a friend, relative or colleague who’s ‘more tech-savvy’ – and they found this guide – then hey, and congrats on helping out your friend, relative or colleague!

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Either way, it’s my pleasure to help. Feel free to poke around the site for my other guides and fixes, and don’t miss the other talented authors that live here too!

Are you maybe looking for information on how to Fix the Google Play Services Error Message? We’ve got you covered here at Error Codes Pro! What’s more is – feel free to browse the site or even search for whatever error codes are causing you woes. We’ve probably covered those, too!

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  1. this error arises when our storage of the mobile will be full then show this error we provide the exact solution to this problems you will have to follow some steps as
    1. firstly you want to go to your settings and then find Applications / Apps / Application Manager.
    2. after reaching the location, you will have to swipe left to ‘All’ apps and then look for Google Play Store.
    3.Press ‘Force stop’, then ‘Clear Data’ and then finally ‘Clear Cache’
    Now try to download or install the app again.
    after then your problem will be solved.

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