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Spotify Error Code 6 Solved For Mac & Windows

A common error that affects Spotify users on Mac and Windows computers alike is error code 6. Many people struggle to solve this error but we have the solution to this particular trouble.

Perhaps the most common response for this error code is to uninstall Spotify and install it again. There are different ways of doing this depending on whether you are accessing Spotify using a Windows computer or Mac computer.

We will not go into how you could uninstall Spotify for two reasons: one, we assume that if you are using Spotify you already know how to uninstall it (after all, this means that you did install it at some point); two, unfortunately, uninstalling Spotify and installing again in itself does not really fix this error code.

If this sounds familiar to you, read on for in this article we will tell you everything you need to know concerning error code 6 including, of course, how to fix it effectively.

The good news is that anyone should be able to fix this annoying error code so stick around to find out how to do so.

What Is Error Code 6? 

What makes this particular error so annoying is that it can happen at pretty much anytime and once it does it can be really hard to get rid of.

The error happens when you try to start the Spotify application (app). It does not matter whether you use a Mac or a PC computer. Sadly, this error affects both alike.

Once the error occurs the whole Spotify app crashes and after a few seconds the app just closes itself down. If you then try to launch it again you will just find out that the same thing will just happen all over.

Once you have been affected by this error code you will not be able to access the Spotify app until you fix it.

Spotify Web Player 

Although less that ideal for many users, there is a quick workaround to this error. If you are unable to launch the Spotify app successfully due to this error, you could use the Spotify web player, instead.

Of course, whether you do this or not is up to you. It is not ideal as a long-term solution but if you are in a hurry to use Spotify it can just do the trick.

So, it could work as a temporary solution but it is not really a fix. Obviously, if you just used the web player you would never experience this error as this version is, fortunately, free from it.

“With Spotify, people don’t get it until they try it. Then they tell their friends”. – Daniel Ek

But, if you use the Spotify app every time you listen to music on your Mac or Windows computer, suddenly transferring to the web player can feel incredibly frustrating.

Not only is this version less intuitive and a little more convoluted when it comes to using it but some users have reported that they have trouble accessing or playing all their music on the web player as opposed to the app.

Possible Fixes

As with many other errors, there is more than just one possible solution to this problem. In this case, there is one main solution that is the one we would recommend and then a few other alternative solutions that could be tried out if the main one does not work for you.

So, we will begin this section of the tutorial with the steps you will need to follow in order to fix the error in the most detailed way possible. You should follow our instructions to the letter, very carefully.

If this first solution doesn’t work for you and you are sure that you have followed our instructions thoroughly, then (and only then) you should try the alternative solutions that we’ll also present to you in the form of a step-by-step guide.

Now that we have made all of this clear, here are the instructions to error code 6 for the Spotify app. We will begin with the instructions for Mac computers, then we will go through the instructions for Windows, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

So, if you have a Mac computer, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Grab your Mac computer.
  2. Click on the Spotify app from the menu bar.
  3. Click on “Leave Spotify”.
  4. Then you will need to open your finder.
  5. From the menu bar, click on go and library. If are unable to find this, then you should press the ALT key on your keyboard, and it will display.
  6. Then open Caches.
  7. Next locate the following folder: com.spotify.client.
  8. Delete the folder.
  9. Once you have deleted the folder you should open application support.
  10. Within application support, you should locate the following folder: Spotify.
  11. Delete the folder.
  12. Finally, head over to the Spotify website and proceed to download and install the Spotify app.

If you have a Windows computer (other that Windows 8 or Windows 10), you should follow these steps:

  1. Grab your Windows computer.
  2. Click on Archive.
  3. Then click on Exit.
  4. Next, press Start and go to your Control Panel.
  5. From among all the options, choose programs. This action will cause different options to display.
  6. From all the new options, choose programs and features. Again this action will cause different new options to display.
  7. From the list of all the different programs and features choose Spotify.
  8. Click on uninstall. If you are using a Windows XP computer, then you will need to open Add or Remove programs, choose Spotify, and then click on change or remove.
  9. Finally head over to the Spotify website and proceed to download and install the Spotify app.
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If you have a Windows 8 computer, then you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab your Windows 8 computer.
  2. Hover on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on Search.
  4. Type control panel in the search field.
  5. Once the control panel option displays, click on it.
  6. Then, you will need to go to see by and choose large icons. This action will cause for new options to display.
  7. For the new options displaying, you should select Programs and features.
  8. Next, click on the program and then click on uninstall.
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully in order to complete the uninstalling process.
  10. Finally head over to the Spotify website and proceed to download and install the Spotify app.

If you have a Windows 10 computer, then you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab your Windows 10 computer.
  2. Launch the Spotify app.
  3. From the menu bar, click on archive.
  4. Select Exit.
  5. Click on the Start button.
  6. Choose the configuration option.
  7. Launch System.
  8. Click on the applications and features option. This action will cause for new options to display.
  9. Then choose Spotify.
  10. Click on uninstall. This action will cause a new window to display.
  11. Click on uninstall on the new window.
  12. Finally head over to the Spotify website and proceed to download and install the Spotify app.

This is what is known as a clean reinstallation. You will need to uninstall the Spotify app following the relevant instructions depending on the kind of computer you have. It is really important you follow these steps because if you just uninstall the Spotify app in the same way that you normally uninstall unwanted apps or programs the error code will not be fixed.

If having followed the clean uninstall steps you still find that the error reoccurs then you could try the following alternative method. This will work when the error code is caused by the app data folder becoming corrupted. So here are the steps:

  1. Grab your computer.
  2. Uninstall Spotify, preferably following the relevant steps that we just went through.
  3. Next, you’ll have to access the AppData folder which is located here: C:\Users\Your_Windows_username\AppData\
  4. Once you have accessed the AppData folder you will need to locate all the Spotify folders.
  5. Then delete each and every one of the folders named Spotify. If you find that you are unable to delete some of them, then launch the command menu and type in the following command: “chkdsk /f C:” If you are then asked whether you would like to run this command when you restart your computer, make sure that you select yes.
  6. Next, you will need to restart your computer, which will cause chkdsk to run and repair the corrupted files.
  7. Once your computer has fully restarted, you will need to reinstall the Spotify app. Head over to the Spotify website and proceed to download and install the Spotify app.

Whether you need to fix corrupted files or whether a simple clean installation, you should be able to get rid of error code 6 for your Mac or Windows computer. We hope we have helped you to do this. If you have any feedback for us or would like to share your experience fixing this error or any addition tips you may have, please leave us a message in the comments section below.

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