There Is A Problem With Your Wireless Adapter Or Access Point!

If you are a Windows user and have been unlucky enough to encounter a problem with either your wireless adapter or access point, you are certainly not alone. Fortunately, even though this problem is relatively common it can also be fixed.

In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about this problem and how to fix it. As usual with computer problems, there is more than just one possible solution to it. Problems with your wireless adapter or access point are no different.

It is very often the case that the nature of the problem (i.e., what is actually causing the problem) is what determines what solution will actually be effective in fixing it. When it comes to this particular problem, however, more often than not the cause of it is rooted in a badly done configuration. In other words, although there could be other possible causes, all too often if you have not configured your wireless adapter properly, you may be setting yourself up for getting this problem.

Possible Fixes

As we said in the interaction, there are many different solutions to this problem. The best way to go about trying to fix it would, therefore, be trying out all the solutions one by one. Obviously, once you hear on the solution that fixes the problem for you there is no need to continue testing out the others. You may be even lucky enough to hit a jackpot, as it were, with the first solution we will present you with. If you do not, please do not worry. Simply move onto the second one and so on until you find the one that works for you. Sooner or later, you are bound to find the one that works.

Fix Number One

The first solution in this tutorial works for the majority of people so it should be the first one you try out. Obviously, as we said if it does not work just move onto the second one but make sure that you have tried it out first.

This solution involves deleting your wireless profile. Why would you want to do this? The reason is very simple: sometimes the problem with your wireless adapter or access point is caused when your Wi-Fi configuration gets corrupted for one reason or another.

If you know this to be the case or if you do not know but would like to try to fix this problem you should simply delete your wireless profile.

Deleting your wireless profile is not really as big a deal as it may sound if you have never done it before. All this implies really is that you make your windows computer forget the Wi-Fi network it is usually connected to. If you would like to go ahead and delete this profile you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab the Windows computer with the problem.
  2. Then you will need to press two keys simultaneously: the Windows key and the X key. This action will cause the power user menu to launch.
  3. Next, from the power user menu, you will need to launch the command prompt. Be sure to launch the administration version of it.
  4. Once command prompt has been launched, you will need to enter the following command: netsh wlan delete profile name=”WirelessProfileName”. Of course, instead of entering “WirelessProfileName”, you will need to enter the actual profile name for your wireless connection.
  5. Make sure that you enter the command correctly before you press the enter key.

This is really all it takes for this first solution. The only thing left to do will be to make sure that you reconnect to your wireless profile and re-configure the network. Once you have done this, check if the problem is with your wireless adapter has been fixed.

If this first solution does not fix the problem for you, do not worry there are still a few other solutions for you to try.

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Fix Number Two

The second solution is really all about making sure that the latest drivers have been installed on your Windows computer.

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Believe it or not, very often problems with your access point or your wireless adapter are simply cost by using all drivers that have become out of date.

If this is indeed the cost for that problem in your case, the good news is that the fix could not be any easier. All that is required is to download an up to date version of the driver. This is actually a lot easier may appear.

Simply visit the website for the manufacturer of your network adapter. If you are not exactly sure what their website is just Google the name of your network adapter. Once you get to their website you should be able to find the device you’re using on it and download for free the most recent and up-to-date drivers for it.

It is, of course, possible to simply install drivers you seen the original installation CD but we would actually advise you against doing this. The reason being that in the drivers that you will install from the CD are most probably not the latest most up-to-date ones so this may not fix the problem.

The main thing for this solution to work with patience. You will need it when you are downloading something. But if the problem happens to be out of date driver this solution will certainly fix it.

Do not worry if you do not know if an out of date driver may be behind this problem or not. If the fix number one did not work for you, you should simply try this one out next. If this fix does not work either, then you should try fix number three.

Fix Number Three



It is possible that this problem has been simply cost by entering the wrong password for your Wi-Fi network. It is hard to know if you have entered the correct password or not and once you have entered it, you can’t change it.

However, there is an easy way of getting a second chance to enter the correct password. What you will need to do is to disconnect from your Wi-Fi network and then connect again taking extra care to enter your password.

Double checking your password is always a good idea anyway.

Fixed Number Four

If unfortunately, none of the first three fixes that we have gone through here has worked for you, you should try entering a few commands.

We have left this solution aside and placed it at number four because it is slightly more convoluted than the previous three. However, if you follow instructions carrying out this fix should present no problems to you.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Grab your Windows computer.
  2. Launch the command prompt as administrator in the way we showed you on fix number one.
  3. Enter all of the following comments:
  4. netsh winsock rest
  5. netsh in ip reset
  6. ipconfig /release
  7. ipconfig /renew
  8. ipconfig /flushdns

Once you have entered all of these commands, you should close the command prompt and verify whether the problem has been fixed or not.

If this solution does not work for you, you should try to check if, for any reason, your antivirus software (if, indeed, you are using one) is interfering with your connection and causing this problem.

There is only one way to check this and it is, of course, by either remove in your antivirus from your Windows computer or just disabling your antivirus for a while until you can check this out in.

Fix Number Six

Many users are able to fix this problem by her simply changing the name of the Wi-Fi connection and the password to use. This is a simple yeah advanced fix because it requires you to be able to know how to do this.

We cannot go over the instructions or steps on how to do this because it will change depending on the router or you have and we could not possibly cover all models in this tutorial. however, if you read the instructions for your router you should be able to find out how to do this. If you do not happen to have a paper for your wireless just chocolate and you should be able to find the instructions on the manufacturers’ website often as a PDF document that you can even download for your convenience.

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Similarly, the bad configuration of your router could be behind the problem so resetting it could just do the trick. If you have never reset to your router, this could not be any easier. Just go over to your Internet router and check for a reset button. Sometimes the reset button is hard to reach for security reasons so you might want to use a pen or something similar to reach it.

As you can see, there are many different solutions for when there is a problem with your wireless adapter or access point. It all really depends on what is causing it but because it is hard or almost impossible to know what could be causing it for every case the best thing is to try these Solutions one after the other until one of them works for you.

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