3+ Fixes For “Unfortunately The Process com.google.process.gapps Has Stopped”

In this post, we provide several fixes For “Unfortunately The Process com.google.process.gapps Has Stopped“. This is an annoying and potentially debilitating error that leads to incredible user aggravation.

The ‘gapps’ in the error message refers to Google apps. You will see this error frequently if you have issues with Google Apps on your phone. It happens when the app is unable to connect to its operating servers, has timed out, or is not in sync.

Lots of people experience this error- just look at the complaints on Twitter:

Quick Video Fix

The tech YouTuber provides several fixes for this problem:

However, one commenter pointed out that he has bigger problems- that the notification keeps showing up and then every time he tries to open something it crashes. That means that he can’t open anything. The solution, one person advised, to “just hold click on it (search box notif ), go to info about the app and disable it but you have to be a bit fast…after a few tries it will work.”

What Are Google Apps?

Google Applications are critical system functionality apps on your phone or any device that works with android.

If you are using any Android device it is necessary for you to set up your Google account in order to access the Play store and use the G Suite.

Google apps are comparatively beneficial in using web-based applications and storing data online, it’s much easier and more cost-effective than desktop computing solutions. In addition, you don’t require any software or servers. Google apps offer a wide range of tools and applications to conduct all kind of tasks accessible both online or offline.


No upgrades Google apps will notify you about each of its upgrades as soon as you are connected to the internet so you don’t have to worry about your latest android software. Every Android version has their own Google app upgrade available for its capability to function so there will not be any interruption in service.

No costs – To access Google apps you don’t have to install any software or hardware on your device. Proper workplace, IT resources, or internet connection is also not an issue as most of the apps work offline as well. However, some Google apps do come at a cost, or by monthly and yearly subscription.

Privacy and personal security – As you feed your account online; large amounts of data is stored where it is easy to find, it secures it from damages caused by hard drive crashes or windows corruption. In addition, Google has the best auditing industry standards to help your data be secured.

Group work – For professional use Google apps are a great help. It allows users to collaborate for office work, and you can work on documentation provided by Google Docs.

Google supportGoogle has arranged a platform of software support including discussion boards, forums, and help centers that are updated, constantly reviewed, and allows users to interact in a discussion.


Situations vary in different circumstances. Google apps are obviously not suitable for every work or team.

Bad internet connection –Not all apps work offline. Most of the useful and professional apps require a stable internet connection in order to work. Most importantly, it stores a large number of your data away from your computer, so a slow connection could cause difficulty to users.

Security issues – There is always a risk involved in trusting hosted sites where any email can get easily hacked, and all your data can slip through the so-called safe hands. However, make sure you’ve done your best to avoid a mishap by getting help from this link.

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Other expensive options – If you are not working with Google apps, having an economical productivity suite according to your setup or budget may be better, switching though might be a mess for your team due to a conflict in working conditions.

Google Process

Any Android application runs on its own Linux process.

Is Android Just Linux?

Each process is created for an application when some of its code needs to be run until its use is finished,  the system will then start it all over again for the use of other applications. Any application process does not work under the application instead, a process is connected and works through the system with other parts of that particular application that is running.

It all works with the available memory on the system as you cannot use unlimited applications at a time; there is a limit to the memory. Most commonly the process stops because the user is not using the components correctly, which results in the system interrupting the application’s processes while it’s running. So the system may kill the process at any time to reclaim memory and bring the thread to an end.

Android often manages these processes where you don’t need a task killer just like you have on your Desktop.

In most cases, Android caches the other data of your useful apps in your device’s RAM. But they do misbehave and show up errors on your screen in a dialogue box stating ‘com.google.process.gapps has stopped working.’

For example, you used an app which is not coded properly, then later the process that remains running in the background consumes all your CPU time which in return, effect’s your battery life.

Not just background apps can crash in between due to system memory, most of the time the same dialogue box appears for your contacts on android too. Check this link about unfortunately Contacts has stopped to find out why this happens and how to fix this error.

How To Fix Error Message ‘’com.google.process.gapps Has Stopped’’

1. Enable Download Manager

Step 1

Open Settings of your phone and locate Apps.

Step 2

Locate Application Manager.

If Application Manager is not present, tap ‘More’ from the menu or at the Top of your screen.

Step 3

Tap on Application Manager under the More tab.

Step 4

Now, when the Application Manager opens drag its screen towards the left and access Disabled application.

Step 5

Now, tap on the Download Manager which indicates an Android icon.

* Due to differences in Android’s interface, Download Manager can also be found under the ALL TAB of the Application manager.

Step 6

Tap on Enable to enable Download Manager. Now the Download Manager is enabled, once Disable, is displayed on the screen.

Step 7

Restart your Android device.

Video Guide

2. Reset App Preferences

Some android settings differ so you can choose to try other solutions if the most common one doesn’t work.

Option 1: Clear the App cache. Even if it is Google services on your device.

              Go to Settings > Application manager > select the App > ‘’Force stop’’ or ‘’Clear cache’’

Option 2: Try to Uninstall and Reinstall the app that is showing an error.

Option 3: Reset App preferences. Go to Apps > Settings > Application Manager > Menu key > Reset App Preferences.

Option 4: Log out from the Google Play Store and set up your account again or, just Re-install on the device.

If this also is not helping any of your errors, you might want to contact the Support System of Android here.

How Do I Avoid Getting This Error In Future?

To avoid getting your processes automatically killed learn to manage processes manually if you want.

Android 4.0 and further offers a multitasking feature to perform some basic task management.

Now since every device has a different interface, you may find it a little difficult to figure out the multitasking window, or where apps are already open in the background. If you have an Android device, long-press the Home button, or a double-square icon that appears on the bottom of your screen. If you have a Nexus device the multitasking button is already given.

Apps displayed here are running in a background process state. Swipe their windows to the left or right to terminate the process or tap the ‘Close All’ button shown above to instantly remove it from your device’s memory. It helps you to quickly shut down an app if it’s misbehaving, and allows for minimized damage that may be caused by the process.

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You can also root your device to escape all the tension. Your Android device will stop running apps in the background, as system root automatically kills unnecessary tasks and processes without crashing the application. You can learn more about rooting in this link below.


Fixing Error Processing Purchases

Google app does not only cause errors in tasking. Google Play Error Processing Purchase happens when you try to purchase or download an application. Downloading an app again won’t be the solution to this. Follow the steps listed below for a solution.

1. Clear Data

  1. Go into the Settings of your device.
  2. Choose Apps or Application Manager as every interface is different on each device.
  3. Swipe to the All column most probably located to the left.
  4. Locate Google Services Framework
  5. Tap on Clear data and then Ok to save your settings.

If this doesn’t work, Install the app from your Google Play Store on your PC, then go back to your device that was giving you issues with installing the app; the installation should be working by now. To be honest this problem is not with your Android device but with Google play itself! So we are looking forward to this issue being fixed in the near future.

If you continue to have issues with the Play Store, and it keeps bugging out for you, you now may be faced with a new error code 907. You might want to check this article I wrote on Error Codes Pro about error 907 out for a solution to that too!

Or, want to know more about Windows errors? Have a look at our Ultimate Windows Error Code List. Or, want to know more about Playstations? Error Codes Pro has another Guide to PS4 Error Codes! What about the Internet? Here’s an Ultimate HTTP Error Code List I wrote!

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