YouCam: Free & Paid Downloads + How To Use Tutorials

Cyberlink YouCam is an advanced software application for adding visual effects to the photos and videos captured in your Webcam.

The software works in three basic modules, namely the Camera, presentations, and utilities. (Free trial download)

The software uses a virtual driver and messaging software for compatibility with almost all the types of webcam systems available in the market today.

What is it?

You can use YouCam for adding special effects to the photos and videos that you capture on the webcam. For example, you can apply virtual makeup to your face to make it more attractive, brighter, and change your outlook.

You can add special effects to your online chats using the webcam. For example, you could transform yourself into an alien, Santa Claus, or any fantasy character of your dream. You can add emotions with add-ons, emoticons, and other features available on the application.

Video Tutorial: Apply Effects For Webcam Recording & IM Chatting

In this tutorial, the vlogger demonstrates how to apply effects to your Webcam Recordings and IM Chatting

Core Features

YouCam Makeup

YouCam makeup is a virtual studio in your home for making you look more beautiful, bright, white, and presentable to the viewers.

It helps you when there is an online meeting, video conference, business presentations and even a casual webcam chat with someone.

Video Tutorial: YouCam Makeup | The Smart Cosmetic Kit

The app gives you all the makeup kits and tools required to sharpen your brows, apply lipstick, face cream, lightening and brightening, effects, and a lot more.

It can transform your face into a perfectly photogenic icon within a few minutes. Guess what, you can do all these things without spending a cent on the real makeup tools and kits.

Visual Effects

Using the YouCam selfie you can edit your snapshots easily.

Adding designer frames can enhance the natural beauty of your photos. You can change borders, modify the frame symmetry, remove the unwanted background and add the background from other photos.

Video Guide: Visual Effect Demonstration

The beautician kit on the Youcam Cyberlink can help you moisten the dry skin, apply lotions, remove wrinkles and lines, and even change the shape of your face and nose. What’s more, you can even apply the effects to your entire body in full frame coverage.

You can grow taller, slim down your waist and hips, eliminate the fatso appearance and turn yourself into a perfect YouCam photogenic person in a few minutes.

Particles and Filters

Youcam Cyberlink particles let you add showering effects with falling leaves, flowers, snow, and stars for your videos and photos.

The filters can change your facial and physical outlook completely by adding distortions, emotions, and gadgets.


Avatars are really big in their effects and impacts. The app has thousands of inbuilt avatars from the great Chinese emperors to the African tribal chief and the baby-faced cartoons. They add fun and excitement to your webcam chats and photo editing features.

There is a custom Avatar creator in the Youcam app. It lets you create new avatars of your choice with special effects that you desire. There are many inbuilt tools for changing the avatar face, hairstyle, eyes and brows, body and background, etc. with a few button clicks you can transform yourself into that avatar.

YouCam Studio

YouCam studio is a great feature for adding true theater enhancement effects for your video. You can adjust the lighting, increase the video sharpness, reduce noise, and change the exposure, brightness, and contrast features.

The YouCam studio is a helpful tool for recording impressive professional videos for YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media and messaging services. You can create presentations, live shows, and other video shooting sessions with maximum effects.


YouCam mirage is a background program which can detect an AP making use of the virtual driver when YouCam app is off.

Then it automatically turns on the YouCam and lets you use its full potential. It is a great feature when you forget to open the app while covering important events.

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YouCam 7

Youcam 7 is the advanced version of the software which comes with a bundle of hi-tech applications. One of the features is the facility for creating presentations.

Using Presentations

YouCam 7 lets you capture the desktop snapshots and mouse movements for your presentations. You can choose between the entire desktop and a sectional area for video recording and snapshot capture. Then you can export these images and videos to your online presentations.

Video Tutorial: Creating Professional Presentation Videos

You can combine PowerPoint slides for your video recording sessions.

The Creative Presentations menu on your YouCam 7 has a drop-down menu with plenty of functions and utilities. The system works in multiple modes from the teacher, speaker, camera share mode, and other custom modes.

Dual Webcam

YouCam 7 allows you to capture videos and snapshots from dual webcams that are installed at two different locations. The only requirement is that both cameras should be connected to your PC through the wire or wireless modes.

Using the dual webcam you can create video conferencing calls with your colleagues, customers, friends, and social media groups. You can also record, add studio effects, and post the videos on YouTube and other social media.


YouCam 7 offers you the wide range of utilities from the Youcam camera, Youcam makeup online, and Youcam fun to Youcam mirror.

Youcam mirror mode lets you adjust the resolution, frames, and High Definition output mode. It can support a resolution of 1280X720 or higher, depending on the quality of the webcam you use.

YouCam Security

YouCam security is useful for facial recognition which allows you to login to your computer, email, social media, and other security-sensitive apps. It can also lock the system when your face is not visible to the webcam.

You can configure the surveillance cameras with Youcam security in your home and office. The motion detection features in the app can create the warning and record the videos.

Youcam Download Free

You can download a free trial download is the version which comes with most of the primary and intermediate apps and utilities. You can also opt for the paid version of the Youcam 7 to get the maximum professional features.

Once you start using YouCam, it is possible to explore the vast range of menus, commands, and other inbuilt features to get the best results.

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