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4+ Ways To Find Your Dell Service Tag | Serial Lookup Guide

In this post, we’ll provide 4+ fixes (and video guides) for finding your Dell service tag.

Every Dell product is given a unique number which you can find on either its back, bottom, or side section. If you owned a Dell product for the first time, like a Dell laptop for example, then you might find it quite confusing. It’s even likely that you don’t even know what a service tag is and its purpose.

In this article, we’ll provide you with an overview of the service tag and teach you some tips on how you can find your Dell product’s service tag.

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What is a Dell Service Tag?

All service tags are unique, which only means that your Dell product’s service tag will differ from that of other devices. The service tag is basically a 7-digit code which consists of numbers and digits. You can find it on the bottom part of laptops and either back or side of desktop computers, often right next to the Windows product key. An example is SLQP214.

A service tag has three major purposes: first is to help identify your device for online support and drivers, second is to help you check the components and peripherals of your unit without having to open it (as is the case with a Dell laptop), and third is to reset passwords on Dell laptops and computers.

How to Use the Tag

Once you’ve located the service tag on your Dell device, you can then use it to call Dell’s technical support or use it on their support page to search for information regarding your unit.

Upon using the service tag on their support page, you can then head to “System Configuration” and “Components” where you can see a list of components currently installed in your laptop. You’ll also get information regarding each of the components’ part number.

How to Find the Service Tag

Video Guide: How to find a Dell Service Tag (Official Dell Tech Support)

Of course, your device should be from Dell, otherwise the tips we’ll provide won’t work. Fortunately, there are a number of methods you can follow in order to determine the service tag of your device. (Remember, there’s also a lookup tool.) They are as follows:

1st Method: Locate the Sticker

The location of the service tag sticker will vary depending on your device. In laptops, you can easily find it by flipping your unit and checking its bottom part. In desktop computers, however, you’ll have to sometimes open or pull some sections just to reveal the sticker.

According to AccaTech, here are some places where you might want to start looking:

  1. Check the bottom of your laptop. A Dell Inspiron, for example, has its sticker located on the edge of the battery line.
  2. For desktops, you might want to check near the VGA port. In most cases, the sticker can be found right next to the Windows product key, which means that you need to check the Windows logo to find it.
  3. Some devices have a rubber sticker which you can pull at the back or bottom section.
  4. For a complete computer set, you can sometimes find it hidden at the back of the monitor.
  5. If you own a Dell handheld computer, you’ll also want to check the service tag under its battery.
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This is normally a quick fix which you can perform as long as the service tag sticker is still there. However, in the event that the sticker is missing or if the code has already been erased, you will have to get more technical and refer to the following methods.

Video Guide: How to find a Dell Service Tag

2nd Method: Use the Command Prompt

This method is exclusive for Windows users only. A SpiceWorks’ community user by the name of Jayse has provided detailed instructions to achieve this. These are as follows:

  1. Open your Command Prompt by clicking the Start button and typing Command Prompt. Since you’ll need administrative rights to successfully perform the fix, you need to right click on the Command Prompt option first then click “Run as administrator”.
  2. In the Command Prompt, type “wmic csproduct get vendor, name, identifyingnumber” without the quotation marks then hit Enter. The service tag will be the string that appears under the IdentifyingNumber section. Alternatively, you can use the “wmic bios get serialnumber” command, although it will only show the service tag.
  3. On the other hand, if there’s no remote desktop connection, you can instead type “wmic /user:administrator /node:remote-host bios get serialnumber” without the quotation marks. Simply replace the remote-host part with the IP address of the device you’re querying. Moreover, if you want to use a user account, just replace the administrator part with the user account name you want.

Video Guide: Find Service Tag Or Serial Number Of Your Computer Using Command Prompt

3rd Method: Use the Terminal

This one is a bit similar to the Command Prompt method except that it’s designed exclusively for Linux users. This information, which is provided by the Montana State University, follows these steps:

  1. Click the Applications button then select Accessories.
  2. After that, click on Terminal to open a new Terminal window.
  3. From there, simply enter this command: sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number.

4th Method: Check the BIOS

This method will require you to restart your computer. However, you have to pay close attention since you need to get into your unit’s BIOS before your unit can finish booting up. Here’s how you can do it as outlined by AccaTech:

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Once you are in the Dell logo splash screen, press F2. Make sure you don’t press it too late, especially if your unit boots quickly.
  3. If done successfully, you should be able to enter your computer’s BIOS.
  4. On the Main section of the BIOS, simply look for the Service Tag section.

Video Guide: Determine Dell Service Tag, BIOS Serial Number Or Dell EMC Product ID To Download Up To Date Drivers

These Fixes Should Work For These Models

  1. Dell Adamo
  2. Dell 320SLi
  3. Dell G Series
  4. Dell Inspiron 1764
  5. Dell Inspiron laptops
  6. Dell Inspiron
  7. Dell Inspiron 1525
  8. Dell Inspiron E1405
  9. Dell Inspiron Mini Series
  10. Dell Latitude
  11. Latitude ON
  12. Dell Studio
  13. Dell Vostro
  14. Dell XPS

Forum Feedback

To understand more about how you can find Dell service tag, we looked through several discussion boards and Dell support forum. In general, users were interested in how to find Dell service tag Windows 10, how to find Dell service tag CMD, or how to find a Dell EMC product ID.

Use The Command Prompt

A computer owner said that he had to provide the Dell service tag, but he didn’t know where he could find it. He consulted the online community for advice, and they recommended that he should use the command prompt. Once he opened the command prompt, they said that he should type wmic bios get serial number and press enter. Then the service tag would be displayed, and you could copy it.


However, some users pointed out that opening the command prompt is different in Windows 10. The easiest way was to press Windows key plus X to get the PowerUser Menu. Then you have to select the command prompt. They added that in Windows 10 you might have PowerShell instead of the Command Prompt, but the command line was the same.

Use Dell’s Drivers & Downloads Page

Another user observed that you could use Dell’s Drivers & Downloads page to find out your service tag. He mentions that it’s one of the easiest way to find your service tag because you can use the page to detect the model and brand of your device. You just have to press “Detect PC” and then wait for the results to be displayed. Then you copy your service tag, and you’re ready to go.

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A forum poster explains that Dell service tag is a 7-character code consisting of letters and numbers.

  • He says that you should know it because it helps Dell to access the technical specification of your device and provide better technical support.
  • The user points out that if you have a laptop, your service tag is located on the bottom of your device.
  • The reason why you might have not noticed that is because the tag might be covered by a flap.
  • So all you have to do is turn off your laptop and look for the Dell service tag sticker on the bottom.

Download Dell SupportAssist

Another Dell laptop owner commented that you could download Dell SupportAssist, which would detect your service tag automatically. However, he mentions that it only works for Windows users and that it’s available for tablets. The person adds that Dell’s website has videos that show in details how to find the service tag and that you could consult them if you run into a problem.


Mac Problems

An individual said that he searched online about how to find Dell service tag, but he wasn’t having a lot of success. He realized that the reason was that most solutions were aimed at Windows users. Since he was using a Mac laptop, they didn’t work for him. Fortunately, he was able to find the right information. He explains that you have to open Apple Menu à About this Mac à More Info and you’ll see the service tag displayed.

On The Side Of Tablets?

A user points out that Dell service tag is located on the side in tablets. If you can’t find it there, it might be under the back cover plate, so you’ll have to open the tablet to find the service tag. For desktops, he says that the tag is usually placed near the VGA port at the back of the device. He advises that you look for the Windows logo sticker and you’ll probably find the service tag near it.

  • Another poster complains that Dell’s stickers do not last long and that his has disappeared in less than three months because it’s easy to remove it.
  • In such cases, he recommends that you check the service tag from the BIOS screen.
  • To get the BIOS, switch off the computer, power it again and press F2 when you see Dell’s logo.
  • Then you’ll see the BIOS menu, and the service tag should be under System Information. However, the user warns that you have to press F2 quickly.
  • Otherwise the device is going to boot normally.

Linux Users

A computer owner says that he uses Linux instead of Windows. As a result, he had to ask the online community for instructions on how to locate the service tag. Fortunately, it was an easy solution. You have to open a terminal window and paste the following code: sudo dmidecode -s system-serial-number. Some users also suggested that he should try # dmidecode | grep -i serial.


Looking for your Dell device’s service tag isn’t really that hard. In fact, as long as the sticker remains intact, you shouldn’t have any problem with it in the first place. However, even the technical aspects aren’t that hard as long as you follow the steps outlined above.

A good tip we recommend is to copy your service tag, especially if it’s a new product, and save it for later purposes.

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